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Vanessa & Louis - 8/8/20

About the Proposal


February 2, 2020

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is Johnston Canyon, in Banff, Alberta, Canada, where we took a walk on a private path surrounded by the tallest trees covered in snow with the sun shining and the clear blue sky above us. As we approached the first bridge called Lower Falls, the waterfall was frozen on the rocks and a dark turquoise pool of water was below us, Louie got down on one knee and took me by the biggest surprise of my life asking if I would be his wife! My excitement and total disbelief that this was really happening made my tone of my voice hit an octave I’ve never even heard myself have before. During our walk back out of Johnston Canyon, we were telling everyone we passed that we had just gotten engaged! Everyone asked to take our picture and wished us countless congratulations. Off we went to celebrate and ice skate at the Fairmont Lake Louise! Best. Day. Ever!

About the Dress


Pronovias  //  

Kleinfeld Consultant:


Walking into Kleinfeld as a bride for the first time was a dream come true. I knew I didn’t want to shop anywhere else to find the dress I knew would fit every aspect I was looking for. My mom and future mother-in-law made the 6 hour drive with me the morning before my afternoon Kleinfeld appointment on Valentine’s Day weekend. What an amazing vibe in the city already! When we arrived and were taken back to meet our consultant— she was an absolute angel! I say this because I wanted to be perceived in the eyes of someone I considered wise, who had been doing this for many years and had seen styles come and go. I wanted timeless, classy, and of course, stunning. I wanted to wear my dress, not my dress to wear me. I showed my consultant pictures I had looked at online for prior to my appointment and she brought in the corresponding dresses. My dress, the Oberon by Pronovias, was the second dress I tried on, and it had all of us in the room in tears. That was the moment. I could have never prepared myself for how I would feel when I would put on the dress I would wear marrying my dream man, it just had to unfold naturally, and it did exactly that. What a blessing, I had said YES to the dress!

About the Wedding


August 8, 2020  //  


Rochester, NY  //  


Calvary Chapel of the Westside & The Diplomat Banquet Center

August 8, 2020 in Upstate NY was when venues, restaurants and more importantly, life, finally started feeling somewhat “normal” again, with the addition of a mask. Our COVID numbers were decreasing but of course, there were still restrictions. It was amazing how perfect our day turned out and how the sun shined all day long! Louie & I exchanged vows and walked out of Calvary Chapel of the Westside as husband and wife on that afternoon. Followed by pictures in a beautiful sea of greenery and stone, we were able to get stunning shots we will cherish forever. To say our reception was a blast would be an understatement. Our families have been friends for many years prior to Louie & I meeting which made for our celebration even more fun. The most important people in our lives came together to be with us to share and celebrate in our love that we pray is everlasting! As if I thought our proposal was the best day ever, this topped it!

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