Marta Martí

Bridal Designer

Price Range: $3,500-$6,500

The designer, Marta Martí, created her fashion brand nine years ago in Barcelona, Spain, her hometown. From her atelier she created bridal and guest collections every year, taking care of every detail and looking for the highest quality in the fabrics.


“Five years ago, what began as a professional and personal bet has become a love story between the firm and our customers. In each collection of My Universe I have sought to speak of a different bride, strong, risky, who defends romanticism and her most feminine side but without frills,” says Marta Martí. 

The brand presents the fifth part of My Universe, its most personal and vibrant bridal collection in the framework of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, where for the first time it is present for the international public. 

The starting point of this collection is to continue building a universe where fabrics such as silk, soleil pleats, handmade drapes worked in dozens of pieces in the form of corsets, cotton tulle, silk knit, raffia, and, as always, the unique compositions of valenciennes to create relaxed and natural designs ‘so that brides feel more themselves than ever’.

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