Gown Preservation FAQs

Our hope is that your wedding was as wonderful as you had envisioned it and that you felt absolutely beautiful in your Kleinfeld gown. There is one last step regarding Kleinfeld and your gown and that’s the cleaning and preservation for the next generation. We have been offering museum quality cleaning and preservation services to our clients for the past 20 years and would love to work with you. The process is so simple: email us at GownPreservation@KleinfeldBridal.com or call us at 212.570.0433 and we would be happy to speak with you about the process and pricing and place your order.

How much do you charge to preserve my wedding gown?

The price of gown preservation starts at $795 and ranges depending on the style and intricacy of the dress. Due to the complex construction, there is an additional charge for certain designers like Pnina Tornai, Randy Fenoli, and Disney Fairytale gowns.

To learn more about the process, for a quote, or to place an order, please email us at gownpreservation@kleinfeldbridal.com or call us at 212-570-0433.

How do I get my gown to you?

After you make arrangements with a Kleinfeld gown preservation specialist, your dress can be dropped off at Kleinfeld located at 110 W 20th Street in Manhattan.

Alternatively, we can schedule a pickup on Saturdays in the New York City area for buildings with doormen.

If you live outside of New York City, we are happy to provide shipping details to Kleinfeld.

When should I send my gown to you?

Because stains cause damage to fabric over time, please send us your gown as soon after the wedding as possible.

How should I store the gown after my wedding?

After the wedding, we advise storing your gown in a dark, dry space folded or rolled in a clean white sheet or breathable cloth garment bag. Avoid places such as attics, basements, cedar closets, or areas with direct sunlight.

Do not put your dress on a hanger or in a plastic bag. Hanging is not recommended as it can cause stress to the fabric and create distortion over extended periods of time. Similarly, contact with any plastic may yellow or discolor the fabric.

How will my dress be stored after preservation?

We preserve your gown in a completely archival textile storage box made of fluted polypropylene.

Consisting of a chemically co-inert polymer, the material is non-absorbent, provides more complete moisture protection than a cardboard box, and resists fluctuations in temperature and humidity. These special preservation storage materials are chosen to protect your dress from exposure to moisture, fire, dust, acidity, and light.

Our proprietary boxes are made of the same material as those used to store historic costumes by The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Can I look at my gown after it is preserved?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to open the box and inspect your gown regularly.

However, please be mindful that your skin contains oils and salts that can damage delicate fabrics. It is important that you wash and dry your hands carefully before handling your dress. When you remove the gown, slide both hands under the entire dress and lift it out of the box. As you unfold the gown, note the way we packaged it, so you can refold it properly.

Where should I store my wedding gown after it is preserved?

Choose a storage space within your home without much traffic. A dry, dark closet in a temperature-controlled room is best. We suggest avoiding places such as attics, basements, cedar closets, or an area with direct sunlight.

Store the box flat with the lid side facing up. When you move the box, carry it so that it is as level as possible. We will pack your gown so that it will not shift under normal circumstances. However, flat storage will ensure this remains true.

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