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Tina & Dave - 8/22/20

About the Proposal


March 2, 2019

Thought Dave and I had known each other for years, we only started dating after I moved away to DC for law school. After weeks of asking me to come home and visit, I finally gave in. As a belated Valentine’s Day celebration, Dave told me he had a whole day planned for us – we would go on a chocolate scavenger hunt in the city and then to a fancy dinner. That morning, it snowed and I thought For sure we weren’t going anymore. I have Dave a call and he confirmed the tour was canceled. He said the company emailed the guests the tour to do themselves if they so chose as consolation. I agreed to do it on our own and got dressed up. Through the tour, we had to guess the next location and what to try at each place. Our last place was in Chelsea market – which happened to be where our first date was. I mentioned to him that we were right by the Standard where we ended our first date and he casually asked if I wanted to go. We walked the high line and went to the standard rooftop and I said we had to do the cheesy word search that came with the tour to find the hidden message. He agreed and took out a pen. Little did I know, I played right into his entire plan – as we completed the word search and I found myself writing the hidden message: Tina, will you marry me? He had created the entire scavenger hunt from scratch from the places, the foods, to the hidden message! He then surprised me with a party to celebrate with our closest family and friends.

About the Dress



My wedding dress was the most perfect dress I could have imagined for myself. I made an appointment to come to Kleinfeld very far in advance and went to tons of stores beforehand. I tried to keep an open mind and found my search hard because the dresses were way to big and I had to use my imagination on what it would look like on me after being clipped. There was one dress that I asked to try on at every appointment after I did at my first one. No matter what I did I couldn’t shake it off. Finally, when I was at Kleinfeld, I tried on such gorgeous dresses. Randy was having a trunk show and I tried on one of his brand new dresses and it was stunning. But still – I found that I asked to try on one dress: the Pronovias Vicenta. And then I knew – if I tried on dresses at the store with the widest selection and most beautiful dresses and still asked for Vicenta – it was meant to be mine. Looking at my photos I knew I made the right decision.

About the Wedding


August 22, 2020  //  


Jersey City, NJ   //  


The Legacy Castle

2020 threw a lot of surprises at us – we planned our wedding 10 times right until we decided on a date 2 weeks in advance and just made it happen. Uncertainty and anxiety aside, we were amazed at how incredible our day turned out to be. We got married at our church in Jersey City and were able to have our reception at The Legacy Castle – my dream venue surrounded by our closest family and friends. It was absolutely magical. We didn’t do a first look but we got to have a moment together backs turned to one another to say a prayer. In that moment, all the rush, all the worry, all the craziness of 2020 flew away and all I could think about was how excited I was to start this new chapter with my best friend.

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