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Tiffany & Steve - 7/17/20

About the Proposal


January 19, 2019

January 19, 2019 was just another day for Tiffany. She had spent her day studying at the library and came home feeling pretty grumpy. What Tiffany didn’t know is that this was not a usual day for Steve. He had secretly been preparing for some time. Steve quickly arrived at the door, stuck his head out, and requested that Tiffany come in and sit on the couch. Steve opened the door to a candlelit and flower-filled living room. Steve walked over to the couch with Tiffany. In front of her was a large picture book detailing the couple’s story. Tiffany was amazed by how thoughtful and crafty Steve had been in creating this gift. Tiffany continued to the last page which requested that she turn to page 303 of the next book. Underneath the first book was a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Page 303 was the beginning of a new chapter titled “The Unbreakable Vow” (only at this moment did it occur to Tiffany what was going on). On that page, Steve individually highlighted the following letters I L O V E Y O U T I F F A N Y. Tiffany, in a surreal fog, turned around to find Steve presenting her with a beautiful ring. Tiffany excitedly said yes and the two went on to have a beautiful dinner for two at a local restaurant for Baltimore’s Restaurant Week.

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:


I LOVE my dress. I am so thankful to my mom who really pushed me to have the “Kleinfeld experience”. I was lucky enough to have my mom and brother along side me the day I went shopping and was thrilled to be matched with Paula. She made the day magical and fun. She was kind, patient, and showed me everything I thought I wanted. And then she said she had something she thought I might like. Like did not describe it. The moment I put on the Ainsley dress by Randy Fenoli, I instantly fell in love. It felt like a beautiful extension of my body rather than the other dresses that felt like gorgeous costumes. This stayed true through the day of my wedding. I loved the dress so much that I didn’t want to take it off. At the after party, everyone kept asking if I was going to change. My response was the same for everyone. I’m leaving this on for as long as I can! I never want to take it off.

About the Wedding


July 17, 2020  //  


White Hall, MD   //  


Pond View Farm

Steve and I, like many others, were not certain we would be able to get married on our original day. Due to tremendous luck, previously selecting a large, outdoor venue, and lower COVID numbers, we were able to proceed with a smaller guest list! The uncertainty leading up to the wedding really helped to put into perspective that the only thing that truly mattered was that Steve and I would be able to commit our lives to one another that day. The day was magical. Words cannot express the gratitude we experienced being surrounding by our loved ones, in person or virtually, when we expressed our love to one another under a beautiful weeping willow tree in front of an expansive pond. The reception carried on in a gorgeous barn that was simply beautiful.

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