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Sharmaine & Andrew - 10/17/20

About the Proposal


September 29, 2018

I woke up that Saturday morning to my then boyfriend all dressed and waiting for me to wake up. This was weird because I’m usually up before him. He told me we were going to his mom’s house. We didn’t actually go to his mom’s house instead he took me to a park with a lake (one of the first places he took me to when I visited him in Pittsburgh for the first time.) He set up a picnic and just talked for a while. Then he sang me a song and proposed! I said “yes” obviously and as we were heading back to our car I saw his mom and my mom sitting on a bench waiting for us. This was even more surprising because I had no idea my mom flew in from New Jersey the night before! We all went to lunch to celebrate.

About the Dress

I am a huge fan of Say Yes To The Dress. I knew that I wanted to get my dress from Kleinfeld even though I was already living in Pittsburgh. I drove 6.5 hours to New Jersey for a weekend and me, my mom, my sister, and my cousin had a dress shopping weekend. I went to two different stores before Kleinfeld just to get my feet wet then saved the best for last. I ended up falling in love with the dress Astrid by Randy Fenoli. I drove the 6.5+ hours two more times for my fittings and the last time was in March 2020. I was actually driving from Pittsburgh when a Kleinfeld rep called me to say that you guys were closing cause of Covid and my dress could be shipped to me. I asked if I could please just come for my last fitting since I was already on the road. Thankfully, Kleinfeld said yes! I had my last fitting then the amazing team in the fitting department worked their magic so I can come back a couple hours later to pick up my finished dress.  That was the day Kleinfeld had to shut down so I can’t say thank you enough for working on getting my dressed finished.  At that time PA didn’t have as many Covid cases as NYC and we thought our wedding was still gonna happen on April 25th…spoiler alert it didn’t. Dress shopping was very special for me because my mom ended up passing away unexpectedly from a heart attack in July 2019 and wasn’t able to make it to our actual wedding so I’m glad she at least saw me in my beautiful dress.

About the Wedding


October 17, 2020  //  


Mars, PA  //  


Twelve Oaks Mansion

Oh man the wedding. Our planning process was pretty stressful as you can imagine, especially with Covid. But even before Covid hit, we had to change our reception venue. Our original venue was Noah’s and they ended up filing for bankruptcy two months before our planned April wedding…we lost our full payment. We had to find a different venue and once we had that settled we had to postpone due to Covid. But it all turned out amazing. I DIY’ed most of our decorations and had a flower party to make our centerpieces.

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