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Robert & Sam - 8/11/18

About the Proposal


February 26, 2017

I was attending the University of Pittsburgh in my senior year when Robert decided to drive from Cleveland and surprise me after work on a Sunday. He gave my best friend a note that said “Be outside of your apartment at 4:30 pm wearing your favorite outfit!” I knew right then what was happening but I was still so excited because I was so ready for this moment (we had been dating for 6 and a half years by this point, as high school sweethearts). Robert picked me up and walked with me to the park near my apartment. He then took me on a “memory walk” where he asked me questions about our first date, the first kiss, and other memories from our earlier times together. He even brought a Rubik’s cube because that was what he showed me on our very first date (how to solve one). Finally, we came upon a stone patio and Robert had brought his old iPod to play music at this spot. He played “Impossible” by the Newsboys, the song that brought us together as friends in the summer of 2010, and the song that happens to be our song. We danced together, and when the song ended, he knelt down and asked me “Sam, will you do me the honor of being my wife and marrying me?” I said yes right away and we celebrated afterwards by having dinner at our favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh.

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:

Ashleigh Pichon

I purchased my Anne Barge “Brooks” gown at Kleinfeld in August of 2017. I had come all the way from Ohio to New York City on this particular weekend. I had a dream ever since I was in high school that, if I got engaged and the timing worked out, I wanted to shop at Kleinfeld’s for my wedding dress with my mom and sister. So, we drove 8.5 hours to NYC and spent the night there before going to Kleinfeld’s. I came this specific weekend because there was an Anne Barge trunk show happening. After months of researching wedding dress designers, Anne Barge’s dresses and designs were my ultimate favorite, and I was hoping to get to try some on (and perhaps fall in love with one).
I was looking for a dress with sleeves and something simple but really pretty. I tried on several Anne Barge dresses as well as some other Kleinfeld dresses that I had seen on Pinterest, but none were coming close to what I had envisioned (although all of them were gorgeous). I then tried on a Randy Fenoli dress and was really loving it, and then my bridal consultant had me try on the Brooks gown from Anne Barge and I knew right away it was just perfect. I showed my mom and my sister, who loved it too, and, as I was standing on the pedestal, I was told it had pockets, and it was just the icing on the cake at that point! I said “Yes!” to this Anne Barge dress and could not have been happier with my choice. My consultant and the Anne Barge representative made my wedding dress dreams come true.

About the Wedding


August 11, 2018  //  


Grace United Methodist Church  //  


The Toledo Zoo

Our wedding was Disney themed, with details including: Minnie Mouse shoes for the bride from Keds, Disney font on the RSVP cards, a Lumiere-like candelabra and a “Be Our Guest” guest book, Disney music playing during dinner and part of the dancing, Disney couple silhouette centerpieces on each table, and each other’s names written on the bottom of the bride and groom’s shoes like Andy does with his toys in Toy Story. Robert and I got married in our hometown (where we went to high school) in Perrysburg, Ohio at Grace United Methodist Church, which is where we actually met each other for the first time back in 8th and 7th grade, respectively. The ceremony was short, sweet, and simple, with our now retired pastor doing the officiating. We then headed to The Toledo Zoo for a dinner and dancing reception in the Malawi Pavilion. Robert and I took pictures throughout the zoo while our guests had refreshment hour overlooking the African area of the zoo with several animals out on exhibit (giraffes, gazelles, and zebras). We celebrated that evening with 2oo family and friends in the most gorgeous reception venue. A 75-foot fish tank sat behind our head table in our reception space and was such a wonderful addition to the pictures taken that night. We had a simple buffet dinner, and followed it with a German tradition of the bride and groom cutting out a heart from a sheet and then having the groom carry the bride through the heart shape to symbolize overcoming obstacles together. For dessert, we had 6 types of cookies made by a local baker who supports a women’s shelter in Romania through the baking and selling of her cookies (they are so delicious, and Robert and I weren’t into cake smashing anyway, so it was perfect). The evening continued with the first dance, the mother and son dance, and then a father-daughter choreographed dance to “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire that was a surprise to everyone in attendance. The evening ended with dancing for all guests to songs from the 70s to present day. The wedding day was perfect, magical, Disney-esque, and overall the best day ever.

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