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Patricia and Tony groom and bride

Patricia & Tony Rodrigues - 9/24/16

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Patricia and Tony bride and groom dancing

About the Proposal


November 2, 2014
My proposal was perfect. It was the day after we got back from Jamaica. We were suppose to go have breakfast with my best friend and her boyfriend. However when we go to lakeshore they were sitting on a blanket by the grass. I of course was extremely annoyed at the time because I was so hungry. As we continued walking towards Tanya and Jeff, Tanya let this French Bulldog puppy free and Tony turns to me and says “I love you…. this dog is for you”. I was in complete shock. I picked up the dog and Tony gets down on one knee and asks “Will you marry me”?. I just started crying not only because he purpose to me but also because a French Bulldog was my dream dog! We have been dating for 8 years and I swear in the first year of dating I mentioned that my perfect proposal would just be a french bulldog with the ring attached to the collar. 7 years later and he remembered. I just wished I was dress nicer for the occasion :p

About the Dress

My dress was absolutely beautiful. Everyone commented on how beautiful the dress was. The dress by Tara Keely was strapless, sweet heart and princess looking. I can actually say that I looked like a princess. I was a little nervous to get a dress with tulle but this dress just made it to special for me because a layer under the tulle had sparkles. As I would walk you would just seen sparkles and I absolutely loved it! I had changed the belt on the dress because I wanted it to be more sparkly. After seeing the belt attached to the dress, I broke down in tears and thats when I realized….. WOW I am actually getting married.

About the Wedding


September 24, 2016  //  


Mississauga, Ontario  //  


Mississauga Convention Centre
We had so much fun at our wedding! Our colour theme was Mulberry, Navy Blue, Silver and Lavender. We got married at St. Matthews Parish and it was a beautiful ceremony with our family and friends. Even family from Portugal came so it made it much more special. Our reception took place at Mississauga Convention Centre. Everyone there made sure that everything was perfect. Although I explained to them how I wanted everything I never imagined it to look the way it did. Food was delicious (even though we didn’t have time to eat much). Music was so fun (English and Portuguese Music). We even had Tropicana Queens come and perform, which everyone loved. We just loved sharing the day with all our friends and family.
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