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Marla and Jordy bride and groom

Marla & Jordy Dolleman - 6/25/16

Marla and Jordy bride and groom
Marla and Jordy dinning area

About the Proposal


March 7, 2015
Cafe de Heffer in Amsterdam to most students of the University of Amsterdam was a place where they had a drink with fellow students from all over the world. To us, it is where our love story began. We met while Jordy (originally from Den Helder, Netherlands) was studying law and I was studying abroad. We quickly discovered we were each others soulmates. After my semester abroad was coming to an end, Jordy moved to NYC with me to continue our relationship. Seven amazing years of dating later, Jordy and I were visiting Amsterdam to see his family and friends. We were walking down ‘Warmoesstraat’ as we have so many times in the past…but this time, it was different. We passed Cafe de Heffer and there in front stood my friend from Kenya, my friend from Sweden and my friend from Canada all whom I built amazing friendships with during my study in Holland and who were there with me the night I met Jordy. I couldn’t believe my eyes.. I ran to them and hugged them– I hadn’t seen them in years! As I turned around, Jordy was on one knee and asked me to marry him! After I said yes, all of our Dutch friends and family poured out of the bar in celebration! It was truly a proposal for the books! Side note: I later noticed he had a video crew there the whole time… they followed us from blocks away and they made a beautiful video of the entire event.

About the Dress


Love by Pnina Tornai  //  

Kleinfeld Consultant:

I thought I wanted something with a little bling, something more ‘over the top’. The first dress Camille brought in was completely different than what I said I wanted. She told me I ‘didn’t need all that’. I trusted her and put the dress on… it was a form fitted mermaid style with subtle but unique details—I felt like it was made for me. Chic and simple but just enough va va voom with the open back and cathedral train to make me feel like a bride!

About the Wedding


June 25, 2016  //  


New York, New York  //  


Bathhouse Studios
My grandparents passed away before we decided to get married and they were a big part of my life. Over the years they grew to love Jordy and the only sad aspect of us getting married was that they wouldn’t be there to celebrate with us. They led a strong example of what a long and lasting love should be and when Jordy and I discovered their wedding date fell on a Saturday in June the year we were to get married, we knew it was a beautiful omen. Our wedding day was full of amazing energy, love, laughter, dancing, singing and sheer joy. All of Jordy’s family and friends from Holland came to celebrate. Marla’s friends from studying abroad from all over the world- Kenya, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina.. all came to witness our marriage. We were surrounded by everyone we loved and every aspect of the day from the weather… to the DRESS, to the flowers was just perfect! Perfection in the flowers was expected, though, because we, together over the years.. found a shared passion in floral design and started our own business! We chose Bathhouse Studios because it had an intimate rooftop for the ceremony and a cool industrial look for the reception. We brought in Juilliard Jazz musicians for the cocktail hour and an incredible DJ for the party. Jordy and I are big foodies and we wanted something fun, unique and fresh for our guests to enjoy for dinner… so, we decided to bring in gourmet food trucks which were a HUGE hit. What did we do for favors? Over the years we had been to so many weddings where the favors just weren’t quite ‘there’ for us…. so we racked our brains and nailed it by bringing in portrait artists to paint portraits of each guest! I can’t help but mention, after the sparkler send of, we zipped off to Bali and then Paris for the honeymoon of a lifetime!
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