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LeAnna & Zak - 10/6/18

About the Proposal


November 23, 2016

Our engagement was not your traditional story. Zak was in the military; he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan at the time and we hadn’t seen each other for a few months. I decided to spend Thanksgiving with him and since I was also going to be there for his birthday I became the pack mule for all presents going this way. I was cool with that and only became suspicious when I was told, that this one present had to stay with me at all times and couldn’t go in my checked bag. In hindsight, I’m glad that was the case as my luggage got lost and I was stuck with two shirts for five days. When I got there, I quickly realized why this present was so important and what was in it. Since I knew he was proposing Zak decided to disband all the romantic ideas he had planned and was more determined to surprise me. This resulted in him getting down on one knee in very odd places like the canned food aisle, and while ordering at a McDonalds. At dinner one night he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He got his wish as I was surprised because I thought he was going to be sick because he looked so pale at dinner. In the end I might have looked like a hot mess in the nicest of my two shirts but it was perfect for us. 

About the Dress

Walking in I was beyond excited but a little nervous. I had learned that being a plus size bride can cause some to look at you differently. After talking to my consultant about the dress I felt completely comfortable. I knew she was going to help me in anyway she could to make sure I felt like the most beautiful bride ever. I also knew going in exactly which dress I wanted, or so I thought. After trying it on I hated it. I wouldn’t even leave the dressing room it looked so bad on me. Next, I tried on a Maggie Sottero that my consultant had brought me…. that was it. I got the oh my gosh I’m getting married feels that I never thought I’d get with a dress again. The dress was beyond perfect and was my true wedding dress. In the end everything worked out and I’m forever grateful for my Kleinfeld experience. 

About the Wedding


October 6, 2018  //  


Gulf Shores, AL  //  


The Beach Club

Our wedding day was a long time coming! We had been engaged for almost two years but were waiting for Zak to finish his time in Japan before we tied the knot. I had many ideas as to what kind of wedding I would have but decided we were going to get married in Gulf Shores because Zak is from the area. I wanted to make things easier on his family as he still has grandparents that we both wanted there. Plus, bring from Kentucky we love any excuse to go to the beach. The whole week leading up to the wedding was full of beach days surrounded by lots of friends and family. Our venue had this beautiful terrace where we were going to get married and we went for a light, soft, and romantic feel. We wanted to bring the outdoors inside and went with simple decor so that the flowers and the view could take center stage. We had the perfect sunset as we said our vows and had a reception full of seafood and cocktails. The day was only made sweeter by being able to dance with my Daddy to a song he had recorded specifically for our dance. The wonderful gift of organ donation saved my Dad a few years ago or he would not have been here for this special time. We were beyond blessed to have a day packed full of love, fun, dancing, all kinds of laughs, and memories we will always cherish. 

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