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Lauren and Doug - 12/8/18

About the Proposal


March 2, 2018

I knew a proposal was on its way. Doug has bought us tickets to see Romeo and Juliet at the ballet what could be more romantic than that? It didn’t happen! The following weekend Doug told me we were going out for a nice dinner. We had dinner at a great restaurant overlooking the East River in NYC nope didn’t happen then either. Another week passed and Doug said we were going out for another nice dinner (I was running out of dresses to wear!). He told me to meet him at his parents house on Long Island. It just so happened to be a huge rain storm that night. I pull up to his house and notice there are no lights but I see candles burning. I couldn’t believe it could it actually be happening now. Sure enough his house lost power from the storm hence the candles. Before we went to dinner we sat in his den by the fireplace when all of a sudden he pulls out a photo album I made for him. As we were looking through it we came to the last page and there is a post it note saying “something is missing, no?”  Doug then asked if I was ready and he read me the sweetest note anyone has ever written to me. He then got down on one knee and proposed. March 2 the best night of my life until this past December 8th when I finally got to marry the man of my dreams. Being 39 I waited a long time for the right person and I knew by date three this would be the man I married!

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:


I always knew I wanted to get my dress at Kleinfeld because my mom got her dress there. I came in with a few pictures. I wanted elegant, simple and classy maybe with a touch of sexy! Trying on the Randy Fenoli dress sealed the deal and I got the typical bridal tears. It couldn’t have been more perfect to pick out my wedding dress as my parents and 91 year old grandma watched on.

About the Wedding


December 8, 2018  //  


Melville, NY  //  


Temple Beth Torah

We got married this past December 8 at Temple Beth Torah in Melville. I always envisioned a temple wedding being married by my childhood rabbi. The moment I started to walk down the aisle I started to cry and I realized I was getting my happy ending and marrying the one who I waited a long time for. To make it even more perfect was sharing it with our family and friends.

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