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Kyle & Lindsey - 4/28/17

About the Proposal


June 24, 2016

Coming home from work, I was talking on the phone to a longtime girlfriend of mine. She always asked me when Kyle and I were getting engaged, as she had been along for the ride and was getting impatient. I pulled in to the garage and stayed on the phone for another 15 minutes or so. Finally getting off the phone, I got inside and as I started climbing the stairs I noticed there was a trail of red roses (the first flower Kyle had ever given me) leading up to our living room. At the landing I called out ‘what is going on, you’re freaking me out!’ To which Kyle replied ‘you know what’s happening, get up here!’ Dressed in a suit, there he stood, the last rose in his hand – and the rest is history!

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:

Candace Chaves

The trip to Kleinfeld was a beautiful experience I had the pleasure of sharing with my then future mother in law. I fell in love with Hayley Paige early on in my search, but hadn’t really narrowed things down. My first experience trying on dresses was at Kleinfeld, and was extremely overwhelming. We took a day or two before the next appointment and I divulged the Theresa Gown I had been pining over to my mother in law. On our last day in New York, we ventured back to Kleinfeld where my mother in law tracked down the dress I had fallen in love with. It’s true, when you know… you know. The dress was everything I wanted, and probably a little more! We were planning a beach wedding, so the t-back and light flowing skirt was a no brainer. I’ve never once thought twice about my choice, it was absolutely perfect.

About the Wedding


April 28, 2017  //  


Cancun, Mexico  //  


Excellence Riviera Cancun

We had the luxury of three weddings/celebrations, two opportunities to wear my gown, and one heck of a good time doing it all! Since Kyle and I elected to have our ceremony outside the country, we first were married legally in the US – right in my parents back yard. We were married by a judge I grew up knowing, and we were surrounded by our parents, god parents, and siblings. We then travelled to Mexico with a handful of our closest friends and family to tie the knot a little more formally. We got married just steps from the ocean, and celebrated late in to the night. One of the benefits we saw in the destination wedding, was the time we got to spend with our group. We had the luxury of their company over the course of a week, and we took full advantage of every moment. When we made our way home, we threw a big reception so we could celebrate with our extended family and those that couldn’t make the trip. It was an exhausting but exciting month for us!

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