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Kelly & Dan - 12/13/19

About the Proposal


June 12, 2018

I was just recently offered a new job and Dan used that occasion to throw me off completely. To me it was a typical Tuesday night where Dan was off and he was gonna cook me dinner.  After a few errands after work, I finally reached home to see a balloon waiting for me saying “Congrats!” and a note saying “Congrats on the new job! I have a gift for you, he’s waiting on the couch.” To my curiosity and trying to figure out what was going on I walked to the couch to see a bouquet of roses and a box from Build-a-Bear. Out of the box came a bear dressed in a tuxedo with a note on each arm instructing which one to squeeze first and second. At this moment I am still trying to figure out what’s going on. The first arm said, “every time you press this paw, I want you to know how much I care about you and how much I love you.”  I squeezed the next paw and you can imagine what was said next and he drops down to one knee. I am in shock and ready for the waterworks, but instead of saying yes right away I asked “did you ask my parents?” After him assuring me I say yes and after a few seconds of processing (or attempting) my sister pops up from her spot yelling “congratulations!”and her and my brother came out of their spots. They recorded the whole proposal! My parents came over shortly after and Dan told me that my friend and her fiancé were waiting at our local bar for us to celebrate cause he didn’t cook dinner

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:


I knew whenever I would get engaged and after years of watching Say Yes to the Dress I wanted to get my dress at Kleinfeld. Boy was the experience everything I expected it to be. To have Lisa from SYTTD as my consultant I knew that this was going to be the day I said yes to my wedding dress. I had my mom, my godmother, my aunt, my sister and my best friend with me and we had our own section on the main floor that we felt that we were in a small boutique instead of NYC. I always thought I would be in a ball gown but again as they say, you definitely don’t go with the style you thought you would go with. I wound up saying yes to a Randy Fenoli mermaid style gown. The detailing all the way throughout the dress and the way it hugged my body I had chills when I put it on in the dressing room and almost had a “I’m saying yes” moment with just Lisa with the waterworks, but we obviously saved it for everyone on the floor.

About the Wedding


December 13, 2019  //  


New Rochelle, NY  //  


VIP Country Club

On a rainy Friday the 13th in December 2019, Dan and I said “I Do”. The fact it was an “unlucky day” turned out to be a lucky day for us. The date of our wedding fell on what would have been my paternal grandfather’s 100th birthday along with the church being the ones my maternal grandparents were parishioners to. Let’s just say they were definitely looking out for us.

After our church ceremony, we made our way to the VIP Country Club in New Rochelle, NY (which is the town we met back in 2008) and partied the night away with 180 friends and family. From the cocktail hour to the dinner, the food was phenomenal. We even had a chef’s special of the night which did help us with our decision on our venue selection. Even though it was raining our DJ made it snow during our first dance and right from there the dance floor was never empty. We still have family and friends still telling us how much fun they had, along with stories they are still piecing together. It was a perfect start to our next chapter as husband and wife.

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