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Kayla & Justin

About the Proposal

The proposal happened in New York. Every time we go, we stay in the same hotel which has a special meaning to us. Justin knows I would not have wanted a public proposal so he waited. After a full day of walking in the Central Park snow and a hot shower, he popped the question in our hotel room. Bathrobes on and all.

About the Dress

My dress was designed by Tony Ward—a true white, mermaid fit with lace and sequins. The details on the train are really what captured me. The clean lines also made it seem very modern at the same time. I was so lucky to meet Tony during my time at Kleinfeld, got his feedback on alterations and even took a picture with him after saying “Yes”!

About the Wedding


Positano, Italy  //  


Villa San Giacomo

The wedding took place at Villa San Giacomo in Positano. The Villa was absolute magic. Words, pictures and videos can never portray how amazing it actually was. We were perched high on top of Positano so the views were breathtaking. All rooms were uniquely designed and had their own character. Being in Positano, we wanted to highlight the natural beauty of the city. We wanted vibrant colors, Italian tiles, lemons and the most authentic food you can have. Since Positano is so colorful, we did not want to do black tie. Justin wore a blue tux with a blue lapel and blue velvet shoes. His style was definitely not traditional, and it looked so good against every backdrop.  Bougainvillea’s made up the bouquets and center pieces, with touches of fuchsia, gold and white. Honestly, not everyone was thrilled about the far destination we chose but we can say that the Villa was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the wedding was a night no one can soon forget. Bringing everyone to one of our favorite places and sharing our passion for travel is a gift we always want to share. We can ramble all day about every moment and every detail that made the wedding perfect because it really was absolutely perfect. Even the song we selected felt like it was custom made for us. We chose “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran but the duet version with Andrea Bocelli. We were even able to blend Italian in to our song. A song we both tear up to every time we hear it. It really was perfect!

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