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Kathryn & Corey - 8/8/20

About the Proposal


September 16, 2019

On Monday September 16th Corey told me that we were going to close on our house at 5pm. Little did I know that he closed on the house earlier that day. When I arrived to our “soon to be” home, there were rose peddles and photos of us everywhere. Corey got to one knee and the rest is history.

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:


Because I interned at Kleinfeld and have worn several lavish gowns, I felt a lot of pressure to find THE DRESS. My dress needed to be classy, timeless, sexy and unique. I didn’t do any research on the latest designer gowns before going wedding dress shopping as I wanted a “fresh” perspective before walking into Kleinfeld. When Antonella asked me what I was looking for, I didn’t give her that good of a direction so I am sure she thought it would be a long appointment, but I only tried on 3 dresses. The Tony Ward Lola dress was on display at the front of the showroom and I instantly gravitated toward it. When I put it on I felt amazing and it was everything I was looking for. I did work with the Tony Ward rep to make adjustments so it would be a “one of a kind” gown. We created a custom overskirt and made changes to the back embellishments. It is the perfect dress!

About the Wedding


August 8, 2020  //  


Atlanta, GA  //  


Rays on the River

Our wedding was small, beautiful and intimate on the Chattahoochee river.

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