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Francilene and Andre bride and groom

Francilene & Andre Couto - 8/27/16

Francilene and Andre wedding
Francilene and Andre wedding

About the Proposal


October 23, 2015
Andre and I were married at a court house 22 years ago. Two kids and a life with so many stories, although some stories better than others. In October 2015 Andre was in a car accident at work and was sent to the hospital. There he was told there were a few spots in his lungs that were alarming. At the same time I was also going through health issues and had to get a total hysterectomy. With so many things happening we decided to celebrate the past 22 years of marriage and for always being there for each other. Andre “proposed” to me later in that month. From that point on we were both excited to celebrate us and our love! 22 years together and we would finally have a story to tell our kids or future grandkids about the special day we said “I do”.

About the Dress


Pnina Tornai  //  

Kleinfeld Consultant:

I have always watched the show and dreamed of a Pnina Tornai dress. But, I never even thought I would have a real wedding, let alone visit Kleinfeld. I said, “Yes to The Dress” in January 2016 with the help of my two daughters & my helpful bridal consultant. The dress I choose was designed by Pnina Tornai. The dress originally had straps, but I had the straps removed and we used them to add more “bling” and detail to the dress. We lined the inside of the dress with more fabric, but left the back as it was. When I saw the completed dress I knew I had made the right choice! I loved it!!! I loved it so much I did a whole photo session with the dress again. Over all I was more than happy with my dress! I love it because I also got to put a little bit of my touch on the dress too.

About the Wedding


August 27, 2016  //  


Yonkers, New York  //  


Untermyer Park
The wedding was held at The Waterview in Monroe, CT on August 27, 2016 But we decided to do something a little more special and had a “Love the Dress” Photo Session at Untermeyer Park with the talented Eric Macarrini! The location itself was so beautiful & we knew that was the place to capture out special moment. We loved the special day and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to celebrate us and our love!
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