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Dana and Nick

Dana & Nick - 7/23/17

Dana and Nick wedding
Dana and Nick wedding
Dana and Nick wedding
Dana and Nick wedding

About the Proposal


June 23, 2016

Nick surprised Dana to a trip to Anguilla for her 25th Birthday! Nick and Dana flew into Sint Maarten and then took a private charter over to the island of Anguilla! Nick had the ring kept in his backpack the entire time! Two airplane rides and two security checks!
Dana did not think Nick was going to propose on this vacation because Nick has been surprising her with birthday vacations for the past few years.

On June 22, 2016 the two left for Anguilla and the next day on June 23, 2016 Nick proposed to Dana overlooking the Anguillan sunset.  Dana was in her robe. She just got out of the shower.  Dana was on the balcony watching the sunset and Nick came out to join her. Nick was inside watching a soccer game. Cristiano Ronaldo was playing and his eyes were glued to the screen. Dana didn’t even realize Nick noticed her go outside. Dana was outside for about 2 minutes before Nick joined her on the balcony. When Nick came out on the balcony he was leaning against the rail. He started saying beautiful things about Dana “you inspire me” “you are beautiful” “you are always there for me” and before I knew it Nick said “Dana I want to spend the rest of my life with you” Nick got down on his knees.

“Will you marry me?” Dana started shaking and crying and gave Nick the longest hug. After several minutes went by I asked Nick  “Did I say yes yet?!”

Nick said Dana’s reaction will last him a lifetime!

About the Dress


Pnina Tornai  //  

Kleinfeld Consultant:


When I walked into Kleinfeld I was blown away! I couldn’t believe this was really happening! I arrived a little early so I was asked to take seat. As I am sitting I lean over to my mom and sisters with excitement and whisper “They are filming! We saw the stage crew from Say Yes to the Dress!” My mom then says how cool would it be it we had Dianne from Say Yes to the Dress. Dianne was walking towards us by the waiting area. Then immediately Dianne calls out my name! Dana! I thought I was dreaming my mom and sisters said Dana that’s us! Dianne and I instantly clicked. I was describing to her what I wanted— “All Lace” Dianne said she has the perfect Pnina Tornai dress in mind. Dianne refers to this dress as the “Jackie O”. Dianne was very confident this was exactly what I was looking for. I picked out 2 other dresses. I tried on two others dresses before the “Jackie O” dress. The two dresses prior were not worth showing my mom and sisters. However once I tried on this Pnina Tornai “Jackie O” dress my mouth dropped! I said Dianne how did you know this was exactly what I was looking for! I was so eager to show my mom and sisters! They fell in love! However,  I had my mind set on wanting satin buttons down the back of the dress. This dress did not have that. This dress had ribbon. I couldn’t believe Dianne’s response to solve this problem! She said Pnina Tornai is here today I will call her over! Before I knew it I had Pnina Tornai taking my custom measurements and designing my dress with me to make all my dreams come true! After the dress was the veil! Before I knew it I said “Yes to the dress!”

About the Wedding


July 23, 2017  //  


Woodland Park, NJ   //  


Westmount Country Club NJ

Food was our top priority. Nothing stood out more than the food at the Westmount Country Club where our dear friend Tommaso Del Gatto provided a custom menu to meet all of our requests. Dana’s parents Angela and Nicholas Napolitano actually got married at the Westmount Country Club 30 years prior in the same room! The Westmount Country Club has a special place in our hearts.

Theme: All white! My two Maid of Honors my twin sisters wore an all white fitted mermaid gown.

Flowers: All white! With a touch of natural greenery from the flowers.




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