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Audra & Jeff - 2/2/19

About the Proposal


August 17, 2017

Jeff had the most monumental proposal surprising Audra right in front of the Washington Monument in DC (where they previously lived) with both families being there to fully capture this unforgettable moment in their lives!

About the Dress

Audra said “Yes to the Dress” at Kleinfeld Bridal in July of 2018 with her Mom, Maid of Honor, and Her Mother. From the moment she saw the Love by Pnina Tornai dress in the fitting room out of the numerous amounts brought in she knew instantly that dress was the one and once it was on there were no other questions. It was one of the most surreal and heartwarming feelings a future bride could feel.

To also importantly mention: Audra had such a wonderful experience at Kleinfeld Bridal that she made the decision for all of her bridesmaids dresses to be ordered through Kleinfeld Bridal Party as she found her dream Violet color offered with such beautiful styles as well.

About the Wedding


February 2, 2019  //  


St. Pete Beach, FL  //  


The Hotel Zamora
Audra and Jeff met in 2014 in Florida and currently reside there so choosing St. Pete Beach, FL as their wedding location was a “no brainer” as many of their first dates and wonderful memories were spent on that beach. 

Audra and Jeff dub themselves as an adventurous fast moving couple always finding themselves on the go. Their biggest adventure started on February 2, 2019 when these forever lovers and best friends said their forever “I-Do’s” and are beyond thrilled with their new adventure now together as husband and wife! 

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