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Ariel & Jesse - 10/16/20

About the Proposal

Jesse carried the engagement ring in his pocket through airport security with a note on it saying “Engagement ring inside, please be discreet.” Even with the improper spelling on the box, the ring made in through security to Mexico. Unbeknownst to Ariel, Jesse worked out a deal with Alan from the resort’s front desk to follow them out of the lobby and sneak some photos. Jesse timed the proposal perfectly with the sunset and got down on one knee, and thank god, he did not drop the ring through the slats in the pier!  The proposal triggered celebration and cheering from strangers along the beach.

About the Dress


Madison James  //  

Kleinfeld Consultant:


Ariel’s bridal consultant was Lisa Fuhrman, and she could not have been any more perfect.  Ariel tried on a handful of dresses, and quickly fell in love with an Allure Bridal gown under the Madison James collection.  It was an elegant and fit and flare gown with a gorgeous train.  What Ariel loved about the dress was that the color was actually “Almond” and not pure white.  The dress gave Ariel the ability to show off her curves in a classy way.

About the Wedding


October 16, 2020  //  


Long Island, New York  //  



Ariel and Jesse had originally planned to celebrate their wedding on 11/7/2020 at a venue on Long Island with an invite list of 175 guests.  Due to the pandemic, they understood that the original plan was not going to work, but they still very much wanted to get married.  They developed a new idea to get married in Ariel’s parents backyard on October 16th, pushing the date up a bit with the hopes the weather would be suitable for an outdoor event with 18 people.  The days leading up the to wedding were stressful as the weather forecast predicted heavy rain on their wedding day.  Jesse was able to snag one of the last tent rentals on Long Island on October 15th so that the wedding was able to go on as planned, outdoors.  The rain began early on the morning of the wedding, but they say rain is a sign of good luck in a marriage.  The ceremony was held in the backyard with only immediate family and a few close friends of the bride and groom, and it was magical.  The guests enjoyed a lovely dinner, a first dance by the bride and groom, lovely speeches, a champagne toast, and a cake with donuts on top!

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