Timing of Your Appointment

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Saying “yes!” in the Kleinfeld showroom has become a quintessential rite of passage for thousands of brides. Whether it be in our original Brooklyn location or our new home in Manhattan, we have been honored to create these irreplaceable memories for decades. Now your moment is finally here! You’ve scheduled your Kleinfeld bridal appointment and you’re merely weeks or days away from finding your own wedding dress.

Upon entering our iconic NYC doors, your experience is destined to be unlike anywhere else. With that, you may be uncertain as to what to expect. We’ve got you covered! Our dedicated team has curated an outline to prepare you and put you at ease. We want to ensure you have everything you could possibly need in order to enhance efficiency and make the most out of your Kleinfeld experience.

What to Bring

First and foremost, we prioritize your comfort and confidence. Whether it be a strapless bra or high heels, you are welcome to bring any item that makes you feel your best. Some type of underwear or panty is the only garment that is required due to sanitary purposes and New York state law.

Prior to your appointment, we suggest browsing Kleinfeld’s online catalogue to familiarize yourself with our highly-curated assortment, designers, and various price points. Daydream about your special day and sift through social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest, or even magazines for inspiration.

Equally important, the loved ones you choose to join you will influence your experience. We welcome you to bring up to 3 guests who will support and celebrate you throughout your dress search.

For more in-depth insight regarding what to bring to your appointment, we strongly encourage you to read our What to Bring Guide.

Meet Your Personal Bridal Stylist

If possible, we ask you to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment.

Upon entering our showroom doors, our reception team will be waiting to greet you and your guests. You will be invited to relax in our spacious lobby as you wait for your personal bridal stylist to welcome you into our showroom.

We urge you to take this time to use the restroom as well as finish any non-clear beverages such as coffee or tea. In order to ensure the cleanliness of our space, only clear liquids are permitted within the showroom.

Your Viewing Area & Dressing Room

Please note that our showroom features a variety of unique spaces to view gowns. Some viewing areas are in private rooms while others are in our main showroom. Unless you have scheduled a VIP appointment, the space in which you and your guests are assigned is at random. Please keep in mind that several of these pedestals are shared with other brides and their guests, so many “yes!” moments will also be shared and collectively celebrated. While we cannot guarantee a particular space, please make it known to your stylist if you would prefer a different area other than the one provided. We assure you that you will receive the Kleinfeld experience regardless of the exact space!

After seating your guests amongst one of our viewing areas equipped with a mirror and pedestal, your stylist will escort you to a private dressing room.

Your vision is our focus. Your personal bridal stylist will inquire about all-things wedding, and most importantly, you! From your partner’s name to the venue and your dress desires, we are all ears. At this time, we encourage you to vocalize details such as budget, a specific dress you are hoping to try on, or any questions you may have.

Once you’re settled, you will slip into a Kleinfeld robe.

Try On

Please note that Kleinfeld’s array of straight and plus size samples vary. Regardless of your exact dress size, your stylist is expertly trained to clip and fit the gown to you whether the sample be too big, too small, or just right!

Your stylist will initially select 3-5 gowns to present to you to ensure we understand your vision. You will have the opportunity to showcase the gowns to your guests seated in the viewing area. You will not be limited to try on a certain number of dresses. Simply put, we are committed to having you try on as many gowns as needed within the duration of the appointment time.

We kindly ask you to be mindful of your allotted appointment time, whether it be a traditional 90 minute appointment or a VIP 3 hour appointment, as our team is committed to punctuality for each and every one of our brides. Trust your stylist to guide you throughout the appointment to ensure you’re maximizing your time and staying on track.

With this being said, we remind you that the appointment time is entirely yours. We encourage you to be open, honest, and inform your personal bridal stylist if there are any ways that we can customize the experience for you. For instance, if you’re not feeling confident in a gown and you don’t want to showcase it to your loved ones, you don’t have to! Or, if you would prefer to walk the showroom floor with your stylist to pick out gowns for yourself, this is also an option.

Whether it be the very first one you slip into or it takes several gowns to discover your bridal style, our expert team is committed to guiding you throughout your appointment until we discover your dream dress.


An accessories stylist will complete your bridal look with a curated offering of accessories such as veils, jewelry, headpieces, and belts (just to name a few!) specifically based on your gown and vision.

If you are not able to fully complete your look during your initial bridal appointment time, no need to worry! We invite you to schedule an accessories appointment where you will be able to work one-on-one with a personal accessories stylist to finalize your bridal look.

Say “Yes!”

Saying “yes!” at Kleinfeld is a monumental moment. Once we’ve curated your ultimate bridal look, you will be admired and celebrated by your loved ones and the Kleinfeld team!

Our goal is to match you to the dress that represents your forever. We strive to find it seamlessly! However, we understand that this is a big decision. If you need more time, we’re happy to schedule another appointment for you to explore more options until your “yes!” moment comes.

After you find your gown, your stylist and a Kleinfeld bridal director will assist in taking your measurements and completing your order.


Your personal bridal stylist will lead you to our financial services team who will finalize your payment.

Please note that a 65% deposit is due at the time of purchase. At this time, you will be provided with information regarding your gown’s delivery, pick-up, shipping, and alterations. While all of this information will be outlined, you will not be required to solidify any of those details at the time of placing your order.

For more information regarding costs to anticipate, we recommend visiting our Budget Guide.


We look forward to welcoming you to Kleinfeld and having you become a special part of our legacy!

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