What to Bring

It’s finally happening! You’ve scheduled your appointment at Kleinfeld and you’re counting down the days until you walk through our iconic showroom doors. We can’t wait to welcome you!

For most brides, wedding dress shopping is unfamiliar territory. You may be wondering, “what do I bring to my appointment?” As always, we’ve got you covered!  Our team has compiled a comprehensive list of our tips and items to bring that will leave you feeling prepared for a successful day of dress shopping:


It’s time to put your Instagram and Pinterest boards to work! Daydream about your special day and sift through social media, Kleinfeld’s online catalogue, or even magazines for inspiration. Consider how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. From your personal style to your personality, your wedding dress should be a direct reflection of the most elevated version of yourself.

Our bridal stylists recommend browsing Kleinfeld’s gowns on our website and favoriting dresses to save on your profile. Please make it known to your personal bridal stylist if there is a specific gown you are hoping to try on during your appointment.

If it feels as though your inspiration is scattered, no need to worry! This is completely normal and it is important to trust your personal bridal stylist to help you narrow your vision.

A Budget

Consider how much you are willing and able to spend on your gown. Be mindful that elements such as accessories and alterations are additional. Be honest with your personal bridal stylist as to a realistic price point you would like to be mindful of.

Proper Undergarments

First and foremost, the Kleinfeld team’s #1 priority is that you feel the utmost comfort and confidence from the moment you walk through our showroom doors.

The only item that is required during your bridal appointment is any type of panty or underwear due to state law and for sanitation purposes. Everything else is optional!

Cups and boning within traditional wedding gowns provide structure and support. For most brides, it eliminates the need for a bra entirely. For this reason, our bridal stylists typically suggest forgoing a bra during your appointment. Of course, you are welcome to bring a strapless bra or any type of adhesive bra if it makes you feel the most comfortable. Any variation of shapewear, especially those that are nude and seamless, is optional but sometimes helpful to obtain a better vision especially if you’re planning on wearing it on your wedding day.

When in doubt, bring it with you! Your personal bridal stylist will provide you with advice on what is best and you can always add or remove an undergarment as you try on gowns.

Hair Ties or Clips

While items such as hair ties and clips are optional, they are often helpful to sweep your hair up. It not only eliminates the visual distraction from the neckline of the gowns you try on, but it keeps you cool as well as helps your personal bridal stylist clip you into gowns more efficiently.

However, we ultimately encourage you to consider how you plan to style your hair on your wedding day. Emulating the hairstyle you will likely wear on the big day is another beneficial way to create the entire vision. Similarly, some brides schedule a hair or makeup trial the same day as their appointment to further enhance the dress shopping experience. We kindly ask you to refrain from a fresh spray tan to ensure our sample gowns are clean for all of our brides.


It is typically best to go barefoot during the majority of your bridal appointment, as it allows you to hop in and out of gowns more easily and quickly. With this being said, socks are highly suggested to protect your feet. Pedestals are available both in your individual fitting room and within our main showroom to provide you with an additional lift.

If you do plan on wearing heels on your wedding day, you’re welcome to bring a pair with you! Regardless of whether or not it is the exact pair you plan on wearing the day of, some brides prefer to slip on their shoes once in their favorite gown. We ultimately encourage you to bring a pair of shoes if it will enhance your confidence and overall vision.

A Supportive Squad

We welcome you to bring up to 3 guests to support and cheer alongside you as you say “yes!” We encourage you to carefully select the family or friends who will best uplift and celebrate you throughout your bridal appointment.

For brides who want to involve several friends or family members, we remind you that there are many unique ways to make those loved ones feel included. Moments such as accessories appointments or final fittings are equally meaningful. Split up these activities amongst your group to ensure you never feel overwhelmed by too many people or opinions at once.

An Open Mind

Last but not least, take a moment to remind yourself of your own beauty and what this special moment represents. We encourage you to enter our showroom with a positive and open mindset. Keep in mind that many brides end up choosing a gown that catches them by surprise and you may find your dress sooner or later than you expect. That is okay! Your wedding dress is a purely emotional decision. Trust your gut and never look back.

Your vision is our focus. That is why we are thrilled to help you discover your dream dress and welcome you to the Kleinfeld family. Our team sincerely thanks you for allowing us to be a small part of this big moment!

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