Creating a Budget

Before you enter our showroom, we encourage you to set a budget for your wedding dress. Establishing a desired price point not only helps you narrow your vision, familiarize yourself with gown prices, and set realistic expectations, but it ensures that you feel entirely comfortable saying “yes!” when you find your dress.

Creating your budget involves considering the ticketed price of your gown as well as additional factors like accessories, alterations, and tax.

Our expert team is committed to helping you find your dream dress regardless of your budget. We understand that it may be daunting, so as always, we’re here to help! Here is a breakdown of wedding gown expenses to expect:

The Dress

Dresses at Kleinfeld start at $2,000 and go up to $30,000 or more; however, we do carry a small selection of dresses that start at $1,500 as well.

Be honest with your personal bridal stylist about the price point that makes you feel most comfortable and communicate any concerns you may have. Your stylist will be happy to ease uncertainty and answer questions regarding payment. Please note that a 65% deposit of the dress is due at the time of purchase.

Please keep in mind that sooner is always better! We encourage brides to shop and purchase their wedding gown 9-12 months prior to the wedding day. Avoid rush fees and limited options by choosing your dress with plenty of time to spare.

$ ________


This includes pieces such as your veil, headpiece, belt, jewelry, or shoes. We have a wide assortment of heirloom-worthy pieces at different price points to accommodate a variety of budgets.

With this being said, please note that veils found at Kleinfeld typically start at $400 and go up to several thousand depending on the length, intricacy, and embellishment of the veil.

For more details on finding the perfect accessories, check out our Accessories Guide.

$ ________


Regardless of the dress you choose, it will need alterations. This is the process of fitting the gown to you and involves the hem, bustle, molding and sculpting it to your shape, steaming, and packaging it for wedding day. You can typically anticipate about 2-3 fitting appointments throughout the 2 month span leading up to your wedding day. You will be paired one-on-one with a seamstress who will put in over 30 hours of love, care, and craftsmanship into perfecting your dress!

Kleinfeld alterations are a flat fee of $1095. You are welcome to complete alterations with Kleinfeld, however, you are certainly not required to. While you can expect the price for alterations to be quoted on your initial order forms, you do not have to make this decision at the time of purchase.

For more information about our Fittings and Alterations process, check out our Alterations Guide.

$ ________


Due to the couture craftsmanship of many of our designers, most dresses can be customized to be uniquely yours! If you’re planning to add a personal touch, please consider that this will be an additional fee. The price will be dependent on the designer and degree of customizations. Your personal bridal stylist will be able to provide you with this price breakdown prior to saying “yes!”

$ ________

Sales Tax

Kleinfeld charges 8.875% New York state sales tax. When your dress arrives in store, typically about 2-3 months prior to your wedding day, the remaining 35% balance + tax is due.

Please note that if you ship your gown out of state, you will pay the state sales tax of the state you are shipping to plus a fee for physically shipping the box. The fee is dependent on the shipping carrier as well as the weight of the box. Kleinfeld will provide you with a shipping affidavit.

For further information on shipping and sales tax, please contact our financial services team at 646.633.4377 or via email at

$ ________

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