When Do You Take Off Your Veil at Your Wedding?

We may be biased, but we believe that veils are a must-have accessory for all brides. And at Kleinfeld, when you say “yes!” to your dream dress, you can complete your wedding day look with a veil same day—and there are so many veil options to choose from! With that, one of the most commonly asked questions our accessory consultants receive is, “When do I take off my veil?” While the answer is really up to the bride on when she’d like to set her veil aside, we went ahead and interviewed some of our experts to get their take on this popular question.

After your ceremony.

After you’d said your “I dos”, take a moment to carefully remove your veil from your hairstyle. Accessories consultant Candice recommends taking your veil off after your ceremony, especially if “your veil is something you’re looking to pass down to your future daughters or to friends!” Pro tip— your veil makes a great “something borrowed” for a special loved one in your life!

Before your reception.

Take off your veil after you’ve finished your photos—right before your reception, says accessories consultant Kim. This way, you’ll have plenty of gorgeous photos with your veil on, and then plenty of amazing photos of you during your reception with it off. Not sure you want every photo pre-reception with your veil on? “Take all the pictures with the veil as you can until you can’t take it anymore,” jokes accessory consultant Zoey.

The minute the music starts.

The minute the music starts, bustle up your dress and take your veil off,” says accessories consultant Zoey. This is a great time to replace your veil with a fun pair of earrings or a stylish headpiece to differentiate between ceremony and reception looks. 

After your first dance.

Nothing is as romantic as the photos of you and your newly-minted spouse dancing alone on the dance floor with your veil trailing behind you—especially if it’s a cathedral length style. But once the first dance is done, think about removing your veil to make it easier to dance! “The veil comes off when it’s party time,” says Lucia, Accessories and Headpieces Director.  If your veil is particularly long, removing it will make it less likely to be stepped on.

Whenever you feel like it!

Just like saying “yes!” to a wedding dress that’s unique to you, your veil and how and when you choose to wear it is completely up to you. That’s right—there’s no right style of veil or time to take it off during your wedding. “For every bride, it’s different!” says Paige, Assistant Accessories & Headpieces Buyer. Whenever you feel like you’d like to take off your veil, go for it—your wedding day is all about you and your spouse-to-be.

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