The Best Kleinfeld Dresses For Each Zodiac Sign

As magical of an experience shopping for your wedding dress *most definitely* will be, there’s no doubt it will also be one of the more stressful decisions you make about your special day. Between the flock of opinions from your mom, future sister-in-law, MOH and distant 3rd cousin that your mom forced you to invite (see advice for who to bring to Kleinfeld appointment here), it may be difficult to narrow down what feels most like your dress. That’s where we come in! We can’t predict what the stars have in store for you at work or with your fiancé, but we sure do see an extra stylish day in your future.

Water Signs: The “I’d Rather Be Carrie Bradshaw” Bride 

Water sign brides are devout romantics – her heart guides all her decisions, like the one to splurge on first-class honeymoon tickets to Tulum (See our BTS Tulum photoshoot here).  Since she likes to make everyone else around her happy, the water sign bride will probably try on a variety of different dresses. However, in the end, she’ll always end up saying ‘yes!’ to the dress that makes her feel most like a bride (and she’ll probably be crying *happy tears* while doing it)! Water sign brides are most likely to fall in love with mermaid or sheath silhouettes!

Pronovias Style RACIELA, Randy Fenoli Style ARIE, Reem Acra Style 5926 

Earth Signs: The “I Was Born In The Wrong Generation” Bride 

Our earth sign brides are usually our more practical girls with a bit more traditional taste–most of the dresses she’ll like will be simple, yet chic A-Line styles. You probably won’t find a Taurus, Virgo or a Capricorn trying on dresses with too much bling or detail (think more regal vibes, like Meghan Markle’s wedding dress). Since earth signs are generally very dependable, she was probably all her friends’ first choice for their MOH! This is usually the bride to host an outdoor ceremony, whether at a vineyard or in a backyard, with plenty of florals and earth toned accents.

Amsale Style DANIELLE, Sareh Nouri Style DAKOTA, Suzanne Harward Style METEOR

Air Signs: The Modern Princess Bride 

 Our air sign brides are typically the social butterflies at the party, chewing off the nearest introvert’s ear. Her wedding dress will speak for itself, dripping with extravagant detail, plenty of lace or bling and, of course, have a huge WOW factor! Since this bride loves getting lost in a good book, her wedding is most likely to reflect one of her favorite fairytales. Picture Cinderella ball gowns, diamond tiaras and glass slipper vibes.

Pnina Tornai Style 4623, Lazaro Style 3810,Hayley Paige Style ARLO

Fire Signs: The “YOLO” Bride 

Our fire sign brides are obsessed with living in the moment – they’re charming, spontaneous and energetic creatures full of life and love. While still fashion-minded individuals, fire sign brides tend to value comfort. She will usually choose a dress that allows her to kick off her heels and dance the night away! She’s most likely to start a cake fight (confetti flavored, of course) at her own wedding and probably won the ‘most likely to bring home to mom and dad’ award in high school.

Hayley Paige STYLE FRIDA Tony Ward Style SANCIA, LOVE by Pnina Tornai Style 14586

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