Picking the Right Squad

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Who To Bring To Your Kleinfeld Appointment

So you’ve set the date for your bridal appointment at Kleinfeld—the next step is deciding who your ultimate ‘say yes’ squad is! It can be such a tough and overwhelming decision—you might think you want everyone there, but that might not be the best choice.

Family.  Whether it’s your parents, siblings, grandparents or extended family, it’s essential to have close family members involved through this important (and exciting!) decision process.

Bridal party.  Considering they’re in your wedding, why wouldn’t they be there when you make the single most important decision of the whole event? Having your most important people there will only allow for more “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” when you come out in different dresses.

Your fiancés family or part of it.  Now, this doesn’t mean their entire family, but maybe their sister, or even mother. If of course, you feel comfortable having them there. Inviting them to your bridal appointment is a very sentimental gesture.

Less is more.  Remember, less is more. Too many opinions from too many people at your appointment can make for a stressful and overwhelming overall process. The goal is to be shedding tears of joy when picking out your wedding dress, not tears of stress!

Please note, you may bring up to 3 guests to your bridal appointment.

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