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Taylor & Tyler - 6/16/18

About the Proposal


May 20, 2017

Before I tell you about the proposal, let me tell you a little history about Tyler and I.  We both attended Norwalk High School in Norwalk, Connecticut and met when I was a junior and he was a sophomore.  We were friends and hung out with a mutual group of friends.  He dated friends of mine, and I dated friends of his.  Ultimately, I graduated and went to cosmetology and hairdressing school, and we lost touch for a little while.  In the summer of 2013, Tyler and I reconnected and started hanging out again.  This time, things were different.  I saw him in a different way, as he saw me in that same different way.  I went to Florida to visit my cousin, and while I was there, Tyler called me to ask if I would consider taking our relationship to a different level.  I was so excited at the possibility of being with someone who I felt so comfortable around, and could see myself having a future with.  We took things slow at first, because the possibility of ruining years of our friendship made us both a little hesitant, but ultimately, we progressed to the next level, and soon we were exclusive.  Then, our relationship was put to the biggest test it could ever be faced with – I was diagnosed with leukemia on February 18, 2014 – Tyler’s 21st Birthday.  My parents were away on vacation, and I went for my routine physical.  My doctor did bloodwork and called my mom when he became extremely concerned at the blood counts.  Before I knew it, I was being taken to the hospital and given a bone marrow biopsy.  Soon after, I was admitted to the hospital, and diagnosed with APL – a rare and aggressive form of leukemia.  Tyler never showed his emotion or concern.  He held my hand, wiped my tears, and sat quietly.  I couldn’t believe that our new relationship was being faced with this.  I looked at him and told him straight to his face that if he didn’t want to go through any of this, I totally understood, and would never fault him or disregard the friendship we had for years.  Ty looked at me and with the most serious face he has ever had, he said, “I’m not going anywhere.  We will tell this story to our children one day.”  At that moment, this relationship became everything I dreamed it would be and more…much more.  After beating cancer, taking control of my life again, opening my own hair salon and moving in together, Ty asked my parents for my hand in marriage, and on May 20th, 2017, he took me on a beautiful hike and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  I nearly fell off the edge of our hiking trail!  I happily said yes, and our future of meeting at the altar began!

About the Dress

There was never even a question – I was going to Kleinfeld and having the experience of a lifetime!  I could not wait! I made my appointment online the week after our engagement, and brought my Mom, Nana, future Mother-In-Law, future Sister-In-Law and my cousin (my Maid of Honor) with me!  We laughed, cried, criticized the dresses that I thought I would love and were totally taken back by the dress that I never thought I would love!  The dress I chose was the exact opposite of what I thought I would pick, but it was so amazing – the fit, style, color – I can still remember the feeling I had once I put it on – I said YES to that dress!

About the Wedding


June 16, 2018  //  


The Waterview, Monroe, CT

Our Wedding….it was PERFECT!  When I say perfect, I truly mean that!  My Stepdad owns and operates a disc-jockey and entertainment company.  He made sure that the entertainment, lighting, monograms, “dancing on a cloud” first dance, photo montage…everything was perfect for us!  He went above and beyond, and it couldn’t have been any more than I imagined!  My Dad and Stepdad both walked me down the aisle, surrounded by all of our family and friends, you felt the love, support and excitement from the moment I stepped in the Church, until the last dance of the night!  It is honestly the one day of my life that I will always cherish.  And the best part is I got to marry my best friend; my soul mate.  I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world! Fast forward to today, we just announced that we are expecting our first child in June 2019!  It is a boy!  We are over the moon in love already!  I am truly blessed!

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