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Melody & Eric - 5/19/18

About the Proposal


October 9, 2016

We looked at engagement rings over the summer and I asked Eric to surprise me with one. Around the same time, we planned a trip to Lake Placid over Columbus Day weekend. We hadn’t talked anymore about becoming engaged by the time the trip rolled around. We just wanted to see the autumn leaves.

After watching the National Ski Jumping Championship at the Olympic Jumping Complex, we headed to Whiteface Mountain. The summit was entirely socked in and visibility was at 0%, much to our disappointment (especially Eric’s as he had planned to have beautiful views during the proposal). After a steep 1/5 mile hike, I was ready for a rest but Eric insisted on going just a bit further where they could be alone. Looking back, his plan should have been obvious but I didn’t even know he had picked a ring yet. We got to a small outcropping just below the actual summit and Eric got down on one knee. I was surprised and happy that we’re not sure if I actually said “Yes!” but of course, there was never any other option for me.

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:


Honestly, my dress (Michelle by Randy Fenoli) was nothing like what I had saved online or tried on at previous appointments. I was looking at strapless dresses or draped sleeves that was ivory or had hints of blush tones. In fact, I had all but said yes to a dress from another salon but I absolutely had to give Kleinfeld a fair chance so I went in with an open mind. I think I tried on 2 or 3 gowns before Judith brought in “Michelle.” It immediately caught my eye and I tried it on next. I think my bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law all knew it was the one. I wasn’t quite sure yet, so I put a previous dress back on (Alicia by Randy Fenoli) but once I was wearing it, I knew “Michelle” was meant for me. I was so happy when I put in on for the second time and I couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle wearing that beautiful gown.

About the Wedding


May 19, 2018  //  


Letchworth State Park  //  


Glen Iris Inn

Our wedding day dawned gray and rainy. A light drizzle, but rainy nonetheless. Everyone tried to assure me that the sun would come out in plenty of time for the ceremony but I was hesitant to believe them. After a few minor mishaps (forgetting my shoes, losing communication with the make-up artist, bandaging up the flower girl), our luck turned and the sun did indeed come out. It had turned into a beautiful and perfect afternoon for our ceremony.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our friends and family filled with love and laughter. We danced until closing time and ate cake and s’mores while doing so. Unfortunately, the rain came back and ruined our plans for an after-party bonfire but Eric and I went back to our room and curled up the couch to relive the fun and share the little things that we noticed going on around us. I think my favorite moment was our first dance. It was a quiet moment in the middle of all the chaos for us to reflect on the fact that we were now husband and wife. Of course, we were interrupted by one of the photographers falling off a chair in the middle of the song. It helped to make for a funny story.

We ended up with a wedding that we are proud to look back on when we go through our photos. We are  lucky that we were able to be surrounded by so many people who love and support us everyday.

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