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Lauren & Dylan - 10/8/22

About the Proposal


August 11, 2020

Dylan planned the most thoughtful proposal. Catching me off guard is challenging to say the least, which is why Dylan had to be extra sneaky. He contacted and booked a favorite photographer of mine. The caveat being they would create a fake giveaway on their social media — as Dylan knew I would enter! And how could I not? It was a contest for a free couple’s photoshoot at the place of their choosing. When I “won” I was so excited, because I never win anything! I chose Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. After a couple of camera snaps, our photographer, Katie, explained we were going to do a fun photo that involved Dylan picking me up from behind and spinning me around, or so I thought! We practiced a couple of times and then Katie turned me around and I waited… 1..3..5 seconds…but I could tell Dylan wasn’t running up behind me like we practiced. Actually, it was eerily quiet. That’s when Dylan called my name and I turned around to him kneeling with my ring. Throughout the rest of the photoshoot, Dylan told me all about his conniving activities, including rolling in mulch after he went to go pick up my ring on the day he supposedly was going to help his mother with yard work! He thought of everything. It was perfect.

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:


I knew my dress was the one the moment I saw it perusing Kleinfeld’s website leading up to my appointment. Maggie Sottero’s Raven Marie was exactly what I was looking for. When the time came to have my consultation with Gina over Labor Day weekend in 2021, I requested to try it on in the middle of my selections. All the dresses I tried on before were missing elements and just weren’t my dress – the same for the dresses after. When I tried on the Raven Marie, I knew that would be the one I walked down the aisle to. From the bright white color, to the long train, flattering A-line, and of course, the pockets, it was meant for me. Every fitting and try on, I felt so beautiful. It is still the best thing I’ve ever worn.

About the Wedding


October 8, 2022  //  


York, Maine

We were married on a sunny October day outside of a small restaurant that rests along the east coast in York, Maine. Under an arbor built by my father-in-law for the occasion, we said our own vows and exchanged rings, which included my grandmother’s wedding ring that I now call my own. Being the Marvel fans we are, we walked back up the aisle to “Mr. Blue Sky” and had our first dance to “It’s Been a Long, Long Time.” My dress received compliments all night and into the weeks following as attendees shared pictures. Highlight moments included my nephews walking our dogs down the aisle, our friend Nick catching the bouquet, our friend Jeff having to figure out how to put the garter over his pant leg, and us spontaneously deciding to bite into our cake top to the surprise of our guests. Our friends still request us to get married again, so we can do it all over! Best day ever.

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