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Codie & Tyler - 5/12/18

About the Proposal


June 23, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017 I was anxiously waiting to pick up my then boyfriend from the airport from his two week work trip. I threw some workout clothes up, scooped up our two dogs, jumped in his truck and headed to the airport. It should be noted a few days prior he mentioned going hiking in the afternoon when he got home. As the dogs and I are singing on our way to pick up “Dad” it started pouring rain, like really hard rain. I texted him to cancel hiking because I didn’t want to get soaking wet. We picked him up and needless to say he totally refused to cancel our hiking trip we had planned. So we dropped the dogs off at his parents and started our nearly two hour drive, in the rain to the Shannendoah National Park to hit the tail. We got there, it was still pouring, hot, and humid. We jumped out and started our trek. My then boyfriend is nearly dying on our hike as he’s wearing pants and a fitted sweatshirt, I kept telling him to take the sweatshirt off but he didn’t want too. We hiked up to these pretty water falls and he wanted to take my picture I was kind of shocked because he hates pictures. So I stood up on this huge rock facing the waterfalls and he took my picture. I turned around and he was on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was totally estatic! Of course I said yes!! At that point the hike was clearly over, and we headed back down to the bottom and headed back home. I was so thrilled to tell my parents but come to find out they had been anxiously waiting for the phone call because everyone already knew it was happening.

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:

Brandi Hill fittings : Stella

It’s always been a dream of my moms to take her daughter to “say yes to the dress” at Kleinfeld. I’m my parents only daughter so this was beyond special for them. My dad told me he was going to buy my dress for me so I felt it was important for him to experience the “saying yes” part of the dress. My parents made my appointment and booked the hotel and train to head to NY. We arrived at Kleinfeld and were greeted by Brandi Hill. She was the sweetest thing. I explained to her my vision for my dress rustic, not too princess like (even though my mom would probably have loved it if I was in a total princess ball gown). My fiancé and I really wanted a farm/rustic wedding but more upscale vs a backyard bbq. I had planned on wearing cowboy boots with my dress so I wanted something to fit my style and our theme. We had 6 dresses pulled to try and as I was walking back to the dressing room with dress #6 I saw a lady wearing what I had visioned me wearing. A strapless lace off white dress. I asked Brandi if I could try that dress on and of course she said yes.  I tried it on, and that minute I knew this was the dress for me and I was going to say yes to this dress. I walked out and showed my parents and we all were in total aw of this dress. It was perfect and almost fit like a glove! It looked perfect with my boots and our country rustic idea.


I was worried the strapless dress would constantly be falling down but Stella did an absolutely amazing job altering my dress to make it fit me perfect. I didn’t have to pull it up a single time at our wedding even after all the dancing.

About the Wedding


May 12, 2018  //  


Round Hill, VA  //  


East Lynn Farm

May 12, 2018 finally our special day was here and oh was it so special. Prior to our special day we had so much planning. From the beginning we knew we wanted to do a barn wedding. Lots of barns, but lots of barns lacking my #1 request. For everyone who knows me knows I have the biggest place in my heart for all animals it doesn’t matter what kind of animal they all are so special to me. We went from venue to venue all beautiful but lacking that special thing to me, animals. Finally we found the perfect place, gorgeous barn with sheep, cows, chickens, ducks and horses!! I was in heaven, no questions or hesitation we knew that we’ve found our venue. 


Back to our day! It was beyond special. My parents played such huge roles in making our day as memorable as possible. My mom and Dad were up at zero dark thirty to set up our entire wedding. Everything from the ceremony to the rehearsal was decorated by my parents.  My favorite color was pink and everything was decorated with beautiful pink and white flowers and greenery. My mom truly did a spectacular job! We had country music and amazing BBQ for dinner.


My dress was defiantly a fan favorite, and fit perfect with my then fiancé in his boots and wrangler jeans.


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