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Ashley and Adam wedding

Ashley & Adam - 8/6/16

Ashley and Adam bride and groom
Ashley and Adam wedding

About the Proposal

A crowd! Mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, sisters, and aunt were all there to watch the engagement.

About the Dress


What a dream! My husband and I have been married for 3 months now and it has definitely been the best 3 months of my life! I look back at pictures from the wedding day often (usually at least once a day) and reminisce on the beauty of it all. The friends, the family, the love, the venue, the decor, the flowers, and of course… THE DRESS. My family and I came to New York for some bridal shopping during Christmas time. I had found a dress in Houston that I loved and my mind was pretty much set. We had decided to go to Kleinfeld for the experience anyway. We tried on about 10 dresses before I saw the one hanging in the walkway back to the dressing room. Little did I know, I had seen this dress before… I tried on the gorgeous Lazaro dress and fell in love. After much debating, I was totally torn between 2 gowns—this gorgeous one and the gown I found in Houston. I tried some others on, and of course, came back to the Lazaro. Totally torn, I wanted to leave and come back to the decision because I could not decide. Right before we were about to leave, my Aunt asked me, “Which dress do you think Adam will love more?” It hit me like a ton of bricks. The dress I was wearing, and come all the way to NYC for, was it. Thinking about walking down the aisle to my handsome groom (a moment every girl dreams about), I knew that was the dress he would love to see me in. After a few tears and a lot of excitement, I said “YES” to the dress! Our consultant was wonderful and we had the best experience. I am so glad we made the trip to find the dress of my dreams at the one and only Kleinfeld. After the awesome girls trip to New York, while I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my dress, I scrolled back through my Pinterest board only to find the first wedding dress I ever pinned was, you guessed it, my Lazaro wedding dress. I knew it looked familiar when I was eyeing it on the rack on the way back to the dressing rooms! Guess it goes to show it was simply meant to be!
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