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Adriana & Stefano - 7/15/18

About the Proposal


June 18, 2017

Stefano and I first met at work. He was a mechanic at the time for Chrysler, and I was the receptionist. We were both in toxic relationships and just so happened to have broken up with those people in the same week! (Yes, it was a coincidence!) I noticed that he would wait for me near the shop door everyday at 3 p.m. when I would arrive for work but would never say anything to me. One day, I got a flat tire, to which Stefano fixed. This broke the ice and we started to have conversation here and there. He then messaged me on facebook where we exchanged numbers and eventually had our first date. A place we went to often was what we called “the rocks”. The rocks was a spot under the bridge about 5 minutes away from work where we would sit by the water and just chat for hours. Who knew that 5 years later, the guy from work would eventually become the love of my life and propose to me where it all began? The proposal went as follows: it was a beautiful sunny day and we decided to go for a long motorcycle ride to Long Island. We stopped at several beaches and enjoyed the day. I was starting to get worried that we were taking too long because we needed to get back to his parents house for the father’s day BBQ LYH! To my surprise, our last stop was all the way back at the rocks where he took me by the hands and reminisced on how our love story started there 5 years prior, and how he knew from the very beginning that I was the one. He told me he wanted nothing more than to marry his best friend and begin a life and a family together. He then knelt down on his knee and asked for me to marry him. Of course I was crying (tears of joy) and said yes so he got up to hug me! Of course, people decided to walk past us fully aware of what was happening (and clearly blocking us from our hidden photographer that I did not know about) so he knelt down again, and put the ring on my finger! He then revealed to me that there was no father’s day BBQ and that the entire family was waiting for us back at his house to do a champagne toast. I could not be happier to be marrying my best friend and soulmate. I love you Stefano! <3

About the Dress

Kleinfeld Consultant:


I began looking for the dress almost immediately after the proposal because our wedding was only a year later and I knew I didn’t have a lot of time. I’ve watched say yes to the dress for years and knew I needed to experience Kleinfeld. My mother also bought her dress here, 27 years ago, so it was only right that I make an appointment. Walking in, I was amazed. The store is gorgeous. I knew exactly what I was looking for; a satin ball gown with tons of Swarovski crystals. Dianne was my consultant and she is an absolute sweetheart. I truly love her. She saw my vision and knew that based on what I was describing, I needed to visit the Pnina Tornai boutique. There was a dress on the mannequin in the corner that I was immediately drawn to. It had exactly what I was looking for. Dianne said that it was brand new and had just come off the runway and if I bought this dress, I’d be the first bride to have purchased it. I knew I needed to try it on. We went back to the dressing room and Dianne brought in another Pnina dress that wasn’t on the floor. It had a beautiful big bow on the butt (which I did ask for originally) and the satin was rich. I tried it on and went to show it to my parents. I liked it, I didn’t love it. I felt it was too heavy for a summer wedding and the bow didn’t seem to sit right. So back to the fitting room where I tried on the dress I picked out from the mannequin. This dress fit like a glove. I went out to show it and I fell in love. It was a light satin, easy to walk in, extremely sparkly and just elegant. I knew this was the dress because I turned around and my mother was crying. I, too, cried. I never thought I would have that “moment” described on TV when everyone gets emotional but sure enough I was in tears. This was the dress and it’s funny because I am very picky and always said how could these girls on the show know that’s the one after only trying on two dresses? I thought I’d need to try on the whole store before I came to the right one. Well, I didn’t need to. The queen of bling knows what she’s doing. I absolutely fell in love. Dianne grabbed a Pnina veil and put it over the dress. The veil was GORGEOUS it had the same beautiful Swarovski appliqués as the dress all over the veil. I decided to ask Ally, Pnina’s manager, how much it would cost to add those appliqués directly onto the dress instead of purchasing the veil because the veil comes off after the first dance. Pnina gave an excellent price and so we customized the dress. I closed the front where it was open and the back as well. Instead of the corset, I had real buttons, and added appliqués to the back of the bodice as well as the entire train. I also added a cap sleeve. Needless to say, the dress exceeded my expectations and I wish I could wear it again. It sparkled from a mile away.

About the Wedding


July 15, 2018  //  


Howard Beach, NY  //  


Russo’s on the Bay

The wedding was held at St. Matthias Church in Ridgewood, NY. After the ceremony, we went to Gantry Park in Long Island City to take pictures. We then went to Russos on the Bay to take the family photos and enjoy our reception. After the reception, we went to Times Square and took some more photos! It was the best day of my life. I just wish it was longer! 🙂

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