Mother Of The Bride Guide

While nearly each and every aspect of Kleinfeld is dedicated to our brides, this is for our mothers of the brides-to-be! First and foremost, congrats to you! This is an equally meaningful moment in your life. You have a special opportunity to reflect on the woman your daughter has become, showcase your pride, and celebrate the bond you share.

We encourage you to soak in every moment of this monumental chapter as well as uplift your daughter in any way you can throughout her bridal journey. This is especially relevant during her wedding dress shopping experience.

Most brides simply want the unconditional love and approval from their mom regardless of the unique dynamic of the individual relationship. While it’s certainly helpful to provide your input and guidance, we kindly remind you that specific style preferences vary from person to person. It’s important to ultimately put daughter’s wishes before your own. This support will encourage her to be confident in her choices and pick the gown that represents her most authentic self.


Intently respecting and listening to your daughter’s feelings, wishes, and preferences is the absolute best gift you can provide her with throughout the entire bridal experience. Simply ask how you can best support her throughout her dress shopping experience.

Offer a Family Heirloom

Whether it be your very own wedding dress or a piece of jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation, consider offering a sentimental piece that your daughter can incorporate into her bridal events or wear on the wedding day as her “something borrowed.”


Discuss the budget prior to wedding dress shopping. If you are gifting her the gown, we suggest telling her before the appointment. We encourage the two of you to briefly browse online and familiarize yourselves with the price ranges of the bridal designers your daughter is gravitating toward. It will not only have you feeling more aligned and prepared, but it will make for a more peaceful and efficient shopping experience.

Refrain from Pre-Shopping

While your daughter may appreciate your excitement and desire to be involved, refrain from pre-shopping unless she has specifically asked you to. Before showing her photos and sending her links to gowns you find beautiful, speak with her first about her intentions and timeline for dress shopping, what she’s looking for, as well as budget.

Similarly, we encourage you to shop for your MOB dress after your daughter has already said “yes” to her wedding dress. Having a vision of how your daughter will look on the big day will guide you on making the perfect selection for your gown.

Celebrate Her

Find unique and personal ways to honor and celebrate the bride-to-be! Whether it be coordinating a brunch the day of her appointment, writing her a thoughtful note, or bringing your own veil for her to try on while dress shopping, these little moments are often the most memorable.

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