How to Find the Right Headpiece For Your Wedding Dress

How to Find the Right Headpiece For Your Wedding Dress


One of the most common accessory-related questions we receive on our Instagram and Facebook is, “which headpiece works well with my wedding dress?”

As always, we’ve got you covered! Our team is committed to guiding you through each and every part of creating your bridal vision. That’s why you can complete your entire look during your bridal appointment. Not only will you say “yes!” to your dream dress, but your team of personal stylists will curate a tailored selection of headpieces, jewelry, and veils for you to choose from. Already said “yes” to your dress? We welcome you back into our showroom doors after your initial bridal experience for an accessories appointment in which a personal stylist will assist you as you browse our extensive assortment of heirloom-worthy pieces.

To help you get started, we consulted with our team of experts and discovered their top tips for finding a headpiece for the ultimate aisle-worthy look:

Do your research.

First, curate your bridal vision by reflecting on your personal style and doing research. “Find inspiration pictures on Pinterest and Instagram of pieces with your dream hairstyle and then contact a Kleinfeld accessories stylist for an appointment to find the perfect piece,” says Kendra.

Consider your hairstyle.

Give thought to how you’d like to style your hair on your wedding day. From sleek and chic updos to romantic Hollywood waves, there is a headpiece for each and every bride’s desired look. Not sure how you’d like to wear your hair? Our stylists can provide you with versatile options that complement various hairstyles.

Balance is key.

Keep your accessories balanced to ensure no piece appears too overpowering. Most importantly, it ensures both you and your dress are fully complemented. “If you want to wear statement earrings, go for an elegant comb. Going for a stud? Then opt for a big, stunning crown,” says Christina. Similar to a second dress, you can always switch out your accessories from ceremony to reception for a convertible bridal look!

Match your headpiece to your personality, not your dress.

We are firm believers that you should select your dress (and all aspects of your special day) based on how it makes you feel. Reflect on who you are and the person you want to be on your wedding day. Accessories should complement your personality and reflect your individual style. In reality, there is more than one perfect option. “In most cases, there isn’t a perfect matching veil or headpiece for a wedding gown. It is all about the bride’s style and vibe of the wedding,” says Candice. “The accessories have to complement, not compete, with the dress.”

Step out of your comfort zone!

Remember, it’s all about you! “It is your one chance to be unapologetically dramatic, so go big or go home,” says Danielle. While it’s important to stay true to your personal style, your bridal look should represent the most elevated version of yourself. “That doesn’t mean you have to wear a big tiara embellished with crystals, but don’t be afraid to pick the headpiece that you wouldn’t normally gravitate to because it is your wedding day and you can afford to be a little more extravagant,” says Rita.

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