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Martina Liana Style 1105

I’m Martine Harris, Chief Creative Officer of Martina Liana and Martina Liana Luxe, and I’m thrilled to partner with the iconic Kleinfeld Bridal to share more bridal advice. Last time, I gave you some tips on how to have an incredible trunk show experience. Today, I’m excited to share with you some trendy and attainable wedding dress customizations that I offer for all of my Martina Liana and Martina Liana Luxe gowns. Read on for my favorite customizations that will turn your wedding dreams into a reality.

Martina Liana  Style 1066

That ‘almost there, but still missing a detail’ feeling happens so frequently. But fortunately, dress customization is a passion of mine and a big part of my Martina Liana designs! Myself and the Kleinfeld family want you to feel absolutely amazing on your wedding day, so today I’m going to walk you through how to customize my designer gowns to ensure your bridal vision comes to life. Talk to your bridal consultant about the below customization options during your bridal appointment.


Martina Liana Style 1334, Photo: Alyssa Gilbert


Adjusting the neckline on a gown is a very popular Martina Liana custom request. Whether you want a deep V to show off your figure or prefer a softer more traditional sweetheart look, you can customize the shape of your neckline to fit your taste. Another technique I love is referencing another Martina Liana or Martina Liana Luxe gown and adjusting your current dress to match that neckline style.

Additional Lining

Adding lining a sheer bodice is another common request we receive. By adding that extra lining, you can totally change the look of your dress.

Martina Liana Luxe Style LE1104


This type of Martina Liana custom makes constructional changes to ensure the wedding dress will function as a natural strapless silhouette. By slightly raising the back of the gown and adding structural boning, your dress will feel as if it was always a strapless design. 


Adding Sleeves

Yes, the Martina Liana team can add sleeves to your wedding dress! Lately, the hottest trend we’re seeing is delicate off-the-shoulder straps. I love how romantic and timeless this customization looks when paired with a clean, chic style. Long sleeves and cap sleeves are also totally possible and can really elevate a strapless style.

Martina Liana Luxe Style LE1130, Photo: Martina Liana Bridal

Strap Changes

If you’re really into a simple, modern aesthetic but don’t love thin straps, why not modify your wedding gown with thicker straps for more support and comfort? Or if you’re looking for a little bit more sparkle, add some pearl beading for that extra shine. Whether you’re looking for more bling or more wearability, customizing your sleeves or straps could help make your wedding dress even more YOU.


Martina Liana Style 1103


Long trains aren’t for everyone, but if you still want to bring the drama without the hassle, you can shorten the train to a more manageable length. On the other hand, if you like a train design but want more of that WOW factor, lengthen it for that ultimate luxe feel. 


If you really love the scallop lace design on a different dress, you can definitely redesign yours to match. This customization allows you to reshape your train into a preferred style. A shape close to my heart is the elegant scalloped train, which is head-turning from every angle.

Martina Liana Style 1137, Photo: Wild Blooms, Bride: @domifreaknnique

Lace Customizations

Some gowns from my latest Martina Liana and Martina Liana Luxe collections feature ornate lace patterns and organic trains with a variety of different botanical laces and motifs. With so many options to choose from, you can get really creative! Use lace from one dress on another dress or add and remove the lace from any areas on a gown. If you want more decadence, add extra beading to the lace.

Martina Liana Style 1074, Photo: Kleinfeld Bridal


Bust Fit Changes

This is one customization I would definitely recommend you ask about! It adjusts the bust cup pattern for our Fuller Bust Fit or Smaller Bust Fit. It’s very uncommon for your bust to fit perfectly in a sample size, so this change is quite practical. It’s also a great option for heavily embroidered or intricately beaded bodices because changing the original pattern is more difficult due to the incredible details and added design elements.

Special Hem and Hem Unattached

To better accommodate your height, the special hem bases the hem of the dress off your measurements, but the gown will still maintain all the gorgeous detail you fell in love with on the sample size. You can also request we send the front lace hem of your dress unattached, which makes it easier for you or a seamstress to alter yourself. Discuss this customization with your fitter at your first alterations fitting appointment.

Martina Liana Style 1325, Photo: Madi Rowan

Split Sizing

No one is usually a perfect sample size, so I’m proud to offer split sizing of my designs! This allows your dress to be created as close to your true size as possible so that extra alterations during the alterations process are minimal and less expensive.

Martina Liana Style 1012


Obsessed with the bodice on one style and skirt of another and can’t decide? Use one of my favorite customization techniques—mixing and matching patterns! One of my all-time favorite Martina Liana custom options; this option is so cool. I can take the bodice of one of my designs and the skirt of the other so you can get the best of both worlds in one amazing custom dress.  This option is quite popular, and I love seeing how my brides have combined amazing design elements from my gowns to match their own bridal vision.


Each of my Martina Liana wedding dresses has a variety of different fabric colors to choose from. From classic ivory and porcelain to soft, neutral shades like honey and moscato to dreamy, darker shades like mocha, I have you covered. Whether you’re after an illusion tulle that blends seamlessly into your skin tone, or you want to make the details of your gown pop, with Martina Liana customs, you can do just that. Choose different shades of organza and tulle to customize your gown and make it an incredible one-of-a-kind dress just for you.


After reading, many of you might be wondering—what are the advantages of ordering a custom gown through my bridal designer versus having an original dress altered after you buy it? 

Customizing your wedding dress upfront helps you achieve design changes that may not be up to factory-production standards if done by a seamstress. It also allows you to have a truly one-of-a-kind gown that’s produced as such, rather than it being altered after the fact. Not only will you be able to wear a dress that is unique to you, but you will also get that couture fashion experience based on your personal bridal style and design features. Talk to your bridal consultant about ordering a custom gown during your bridal appointment.

Martina Liana Style 906, Photo: Linda McQueen 

I love seeing how creative and innovative my brides are when it comes to their Martina Liana and Martina Liana Luxe customs. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask any of Kleinfeld’s incredible consultants about any and all things custom! I’m so grateful for their support and you’re in such good hands. They always have amazing recommendations for Kleinfeld brides. 

I hope this guide to custom wedding dress features helps you feel better prepared to find your dream gown at Kleinfeld! Are you ready to go dress shopping? Check out the Kleinfeld trunk show schedule and book your appointment. 

With love,

-Martine Harris

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