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Memorable and dramatic, veils are one of the most iconic and special elements of any bridal look. These symbolic accessories are typically crafted with soft, sheer tulle and can be embellished with anything from beading, embroidery, and lace to satin or organza. While some brides decide to forgo the traditional headpiece, they are still widely adored and chosen by many as they have the power to instantly elevate an entire ensemble. From short veils to seemingly endless ones, there are a wide variety of styles to choose from. While you certainly don’t need to be an expert, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the varying options to help you communicate your vision to your personal bridal and accessories stylists.

We’ve got you covered! Here are the different types of veils you will find amongst our extensive collection at Kleinfeld:



Blusher: This is a short tulle piece that can be added to any veil regardless of the length or style. Traditionally worn over the face walking down the aisle and lifted during the ceremony, a blusher adds a dramatic and classic element to any bridal look. Opting for a blusher results in what’s called a “two-tier” veil. Deciding to forgo a blusher simply results in a “one-tier” style.

Birdcage: This vintage-style veil is the shortest and one of the least common types. Worn over a portion of the face, this headpiece is typically crafted with a more structured tulle or netting. Exuding a sophisticated and slightly more effortless aesthetic, these are ideal for those celebrating their nuptials with a more casual gathering or city hall ceremony.

Elbow: As its name implies, this veil length falls right around the elbows or just below the waistline. Sweet and effortless, this length is a lightweight and minimal option.

Fingertip: As its name once again suggests, this style falls at or right below the fingertips. It can be recognized as the most popular and universally flattering option for those seeking a simple and short veil.

Waltz: Also referred to as a “ballet” veil, this style is longer than a fingertip-length veil but typically ends before touching the floor. It is highly suggested for those seeking a minimal and lightweight yet more elongating option. The average length of these pieces are approximately 60 inches from the comb to the trim.

Chapel: Just grazing the floor, this style effortlessly elongates and frames the entire body from head to toe. Typically about 90 inches from the comb to the trim, it merely touches or creates a small puddle of tulle on the floor. While it is lighter and less lengthy than a cathedral-length veil, it still adds an undeniably dramatic and traditional element.

Cathedral: Unforgettably dramatic and regal, a cathedral-length veil is one of the longest styles. Naturally elongating, this classic style falls about 108 inches or more from the comb to the trim resulting in an extensive train flowing behind. As its name suggests, they are best suited for indoor ceremonies, such as a church or cathedral, especially if the piece is heavily embellished. Wearing the veil higher on the head is suggested with this style to ensure it stays in place.

Royal: Falling more than 120 inches long from the comb to the trim, this type is the longest and most grand style veil. Most commonly seen in royal weddings, they result in an undeniably regal and iconic bridal look. Similar to that of cathedral-length veils, this length is best suited for indoor ceremonies and more comfortably worn higher on the head.

Mantilla: This traditional, Spanish-style veil features a lace trim around the entire circumference of the piece. Romantic and dramatic, they are available in an assortment of different laces and widths. Placed higher on the head to allow the lace to lay flat, they are typically worn 2 inches from the hairline.

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