Signs Your Wedding Dress is the One

Here at Kleinfeld we get new dresses every week! With hundreds of beautiful dresses to choose from, it can be overwhelming thinking that just ONE dress out of all of them is YOUR dress. Our brides message us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter asking, “How do I know if this dress is THE dress?” So, we talked to our expert team of consultants to get their tips—and matched them with some of our favorite GIFs.

At first, you may get a little overwhelmed by all the beautiful dresses we have here.

If you didn’t have your consultant to help guide you inside Kleinfeld, you definitely would be overwhelmed by the selection of 1000+ beautiful dresses inside our salon. But don’t worry, your consultant will be alongside you, every step of the way to help you find the perfect bridal look! 

Before coming to Kleinfeld, it’s important to do your homework! Head to our Pinterest and to browse and save dresses that you like. You can either print these out or save them to your phone, so you’re able to easily share them with your consultant at the start of your appointment! Your consultant will be able to select these dresses (or similar ones) and begin your appointment on the right foot.

But then your consultant brings in the first dress to try on.

After talking with your consultant about silhouettes, necklines, fabrics, beading, laces and more—your consultant will head to our stock room to pull a few dresses for you to try on. A sense of relief will come over you when you realize that your trusted consultant will narrow down Kleinfeld’s 1500+ dresses for you. 

Then your family and friends see you in a wedding dress for the first time.

Cue the tears! This is the moment when your family and friends will see you in a wedding dress for the very first time and there’s nothing quite like it! We recommend limiting your shopping crew to 4 people, as a smaller group will guarantee the attention will remain on the bride-to-be! 

Getting our consultants’ expert opinions makes all the difference.

Don’t be nervous if your consultant brings in a ‘wild card’ or a dress that you never imagined you’d wear. Trust that your consultant has a vision and is selecting dresses for you to try on based on your feedback and body language! Our advice? Just go with the flow! 

If you never want to take the dress off, it’s a good sign.

Bridal consultant Kelsey advises that if a bride doesn’t want to change into another wedding dress, that’s a good sign. She explains,  “if she’s been in a dress for more than 20 minutes, it’s definitely a sign. I ask all my brides if they love the dress and if they can picture themselves getting married in the dress. If they answer yes to both of those, then it’s usually the one!” 

You’ll envision yourself walking down the aisle in it.

Bridal consultant Mindy told us, “I think there is a big difference between a really pretty dress and the dress you want to wear down the aisle. Lots of dresses are really beautiful, but your wedding dress should feel exciting and special. You should be able to envision yourself getting married in it and seeing yourself in pictures for years to come!” 

Your reaction may not be the one you expect it to be.

“Not all brides cry when they find the perfect dress” says consultant Debbie. Some brides jump up and down and scream when they decide their dress is the one, while others can’t stop looking at it and are at a complete loss for words. Whatever reaction you may have is personal to you—the most important thing is that you FOUND IT.

Just like that, it’s time to celebrate!

Congratulations! You found “the one”! But the fun doesn’t stop here— browse bridesmaid dresses on your way out (just above our lobby) or schedule a separate accessories appointment to find the perfect veil, headpiece or jewelry! 

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