The Bustle

A bustle pulls the train of the wedding dress off the ground so it doesn’t get dirty, allows movement with ease, and alleviates some of the fear of tripping or tearing the train of the gown. Most wedding dresses do not come with a bustle, nor are they designed with a bustle in mind.  Talk to your fitter about the best bustle options for you and your reception. 

A bustle is put up after the ceremony and before the reception primarily for your safely and the safety of the guest. The majority of your bridal photos are taken before the bustle is put up.

Most bustles are put up with buttons and loops or ties.  Our expert team of alterations sewers use thread to create the loops and hand sew every button and tie. While we to try to securely sew all components of a bustle, it is difficult to guarantee they will not break during heavy use. So, with that, if you plan on busting a move on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning, consider a more secure bustle with more points, or loops and buttons that meet together to hold the train, as they provide more support and can hold more weight.

When it comes to the type of bustle to choose, designer Hayley Paige says,

“Ultimately, you want something that doesn’t take away from the dress or alter the shape in the back area too drastically. It is important to really look at the natural movement of the gown and play into the draping of the fabric.”

Bustles can be a bit confusing to tie on your wedding day, so it’s helpful to bring along a friend! We suggest asking your Maid of Honor, your mom or a trusted bridesmaid or friend to help you. Bring along this person to fitting 2 and fitting 3 to learn how to bustle your dress. Still unsure? We created this handy guide so bustling your dress will be stress-free!

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