As one of the most highly photographed and viewed areas of your wedding dress, selecting the best neckline for your individual body type and preferred style is an important consideration. The cut and fit of a gown’s neckline not only influences the visual component of a dress, but it impacts the physical fit and level of comfort. While you don’t necessarily need to be an expert, having a general understanding of different necklines will help you better convey your vision to your personal bridal stylist.

We’ve got you covered! Here are a few of the top necklines commonly seen on wedding dresses found at Kleinfeld:

Strapless: As one of the most popular and universally flattering necklines, this widely-adored style can be identified by a dress without straps or sleeves that fully exposes the décolletage. Contrary to popular belief, this ultra romantic and feminine style is incredibly structured and typically provides a lot of support.

Sweetheart: Often paired with a strapless cut, this style dips down in the center front and resembles the shape of the top of a stylized heart. This undoubtedly romantic, scalloped neckline is universally flattering, especially for those with a fuller bust, and associated with a very classic bridal look.

Off-the-Shoulder: As another widely-adored style, this neckline appears and is constructed to be strapless. However, a strap or full-length sleeve drapes or extends horizontally from the neckline covering the upper arm. Keeping the shoulder and entire décolletage exposed, it is known for its romantic and tastefully sexy aesthetic.

V-Neck: As its name implies, this classic neckline dips down to a point in the center front bodice resembling the shape of the letter “V.” It draws the eye downward creating effortless elongation and a statuesque appearance. Especially complementary for those who are petite, this cut is streamline and elegant.

Square: As its name suggests, this clean and modern cut features two clearly defined corners that join at a 90 degree angle to resemble the shape of a square. Typically paired with thin straps or sleeves, it exposes the décolletage and accentuates the collarbones.

Scoop: This style is a rounded cut that simply resembles the shape of the letter “U.” Typically paired with straps or sleeves, it is a streamline yet soft way to elegantly frame the face and décolletage. More often than not, the neckline, similar to that of a square neck, features a backline that mirrors the same shape as the front.

Cat-Eye: This ultra modern and fashion-forward cut is essentially a scoop neckline without straps. Mimicking the sharp and defined shape of a cat’s eye, the strapless style features two defined points that scoop upwards towards the arm pit. It is ideal for those seeking a clean and slightly edgy look.

Portrait: Characterized by a wide, soft scoop from the tip of one shoulder to the tip of the other, this more formal style is associated with a very timeless and regal aesthetic. Similar to an off-the-shoulder cut, the portrait neckline is an elegant way to frame the face.

Bateau: This type of high, wide-cut neckline gently follows the curve of the collarbone almost to the tip of the shoulders. Also referred to as a “boat” neck, it is cut straight across so less of the décolletage shows. This elegant, more modest style can be paired with sleeves or a sleeveless style.

Halter: Chic and elegant, this type of neckline features a strap that runs from the front of the gown around the back of the neck and typically results in an open or low-cut back. Particularly in bridal, it is usually paired with a high neckline that cuts inward exposing the collarbones and shoulders.

Jewel: Less common in bridal wear, this clean-cut style can be identified by its slightly rounded, high neckline without a collar. It circles around the neck and falls above the collarbone making it ideal for those seeking more coverage. In bridal, it is most often paired with an illusion neckline in which sheer fabric makes it appear as though lace, beading, or an embroidered design is merely floating upon the skin.

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