Why Our Consultants Recommend Shopping Alone

As we move into 2020, we’re noticing that more and more brides are wedding dress shopping alone. While it may sound a little unorthodox, our consultants actually recommend it! “Shopping alone is not for everyone, but for those who know what they want, or for a bride that’s more mature, shopping by yourself can be a more effective and efficient way of making a decision,” says seasoned Kleinfeld consultant, Lisa. Find out why, below.

Schedules can be hard to coordinate.

With a busy work schedule, it might be hard enough to find time for you to go shopping, let alone coordinate schedules with the people in your life who you’d also like to be there. Whether you’ve got friends who live across the country, a mom with a busy work schedule, you name it—it can be quite difficult finding a time that works for everyone. Shopping alone can alleviate this stress. With one schedule to coordinate (your own), you can shop at your convenience, and not worry about waiting too long because family wouldn’t be able to visit for a few months.

The spotlight is truly on you.

As we’ve mentioned before about choosing your squad wisely, too many opinions can make it hard to make a decision. “Bringing large groups or very opinionated guests can only distract you and cause confusion,” says Lisa. In this case, shopping alone puts the spotlight on you! Tell your consultant how you really feel about the styles you’re trying on without your mom or bestie whispering in your ear. After all, it’s your wedding day and your wedding dress, not anyone else’s!

You can take your time to decide.

Without the worry of finding a dress during the one weekend your aunt is in town, or on a night that works best for your MOH’s crazy work schedule, you have plenty of time to make your decision and say ‘yes!’. You can even make a few appointments at different salons to try on silhouettes and get a feel for what you do and don’t like, without the pressure of committing.

No one will feel left out.

While you may have 10 people in your bridal party and you’d like to invite them all, plus your grandma, mom and niece, it’s just not feasible to bring along a large group of people to your appointment. In this case, if you shop alone, no one will feel left out of the shopping fun! Lisa has a great suggestion though—”If I were shopping for my bridal gown, I would not bring anyone. I’d select my dress and bring a select few to one of my fittings instead.”

Your dress will be a complete surprise to everyone.

While a bride typically only shows her dress to a few select friends and family members, how cool would it be if everyone was surprised when you walked down the aisle? If you shop alone, you can keep your wedding dress a total secret. How magical would your photos look of your bridal party seeing you in your dress, or better yet, the entire guest list?!


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