This is Why You Should Always Remember Your Shoes For Your Alterations Appointments

This is Why You Should Always Remember Your Shoes For Your Alterations Appointments

Congratulations—you’ve said yes to the dress! Whether you’ve just purchased your dream gown or your first alterations fitting is a week away, something you should be keeping in mind for the alterations portion of the wedding dress process is what shoes you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. Our alterations department requires you bring shoes with you to all of your fittings—find out why, below.


Alterations cannot start without your shoes.

When you arrive for your first alterations fitting at Kleinfeld, you’ll be greeted by your fitter, taken to a fitting room and shown your dress for the first time since you said yes—how exciting! From there, they will ask if you’ve brought your wedding shoes along with you. If you haven’t, you may need to reschedule your first fitting so that you can bring your shoes along with you. Forgetting your shoes will create more work for your fitter, and will cost you an extra fitting to accommodate that. Why? The heel height and shoe type can change your posture, which effects how your dress fits, and forgetting them (or deciding on different shoes halfway through the alterations process) is a big no no!

Heel height is everything.

If you come to your first fitting in heels, your fitter will work to pin and hem your dress so that it meets your height perfectly. But, if you arrive to your second fitting in flats, your fitter will have to start the hemming process over again—creating more work for your fitter, and costing you an extra fitting to accommodate the time lost. Plus, wearing (or not wearing) heels can change your posture, effecting how your dress will be fitted as well. With that, heel height is everything! Think about how you plan to spend your wedding day and what shoes would work best for you; if your reception will be on grass, it may be best to forgo the stilettos and opt for a mid-height wedge or a cute platform sneaker instead. The more prepared you are before your first fitting, the easier and more efficient the alterations process will be!

Don’t stress if they aren’t the exact shoes you plan to wear.

Maybe you have a gorgeous pair of wedges in mind, but the only pair of shoes you have to match are your old wedges from college—that’s ok! As long as you bring along the same style of shoes with the same heel height as the shoes you’d like to wear on your wedding day, you’re good to go (think platforms for platforms, stilettos for stilettos, wedges for wedges). Changing between shoe styles changes how you stand, so keeping in line style-wise is important.

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