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You’ve found your dream wedding dress, booked your venue and guest accommodations, and are patiently waiting to see your dress again for your alterations—now it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll complete your look on your wedding day with hair and makeup.  Not sure where to start? We got the scoop from Brittany Lo, founder of Beautini, on how to tackle your wedding makeup trial, below.

When should a bride schedule her makeup trial for?

When to schedule a makeup trial first and foremost depends on one thing, explains Brittany—whether you book the hair and makeup artist for your wedding before having a trial with the artist, or waiting until after the trial to see if you like the result. “Most companies will not hold your wedding date until you have booked the services,” says Brittany. “With that being said, if a bride books her wedding date with the artist, then she has more flexibility for setting up her trial. If a bride wants a trial first before committing to booking, it’s best to go about a year or so in advance to ensure you get your dream team!” she explains. If you plan on booking your services first, consider aligning your trial with a milestone bridal event, says Brittany. “Align [your trial] with a dress fitting so you can see the entire look from head to toe, or before a bridal shower because you will be able to see how the makeup wears and will probably get to see lots of photos of how your makeup looks too,”

Should a bride do her hair and makeup trial at the same time?

“I would strongly suggest doing the hair and makeup trial together, and if it’s through the same team, even better,” suggests Brittany. Going with a service like Beautini offers convenience, as hair and makeup artists are available as a team for your special day. “It’s sometimes hard to imagine the bridal hairstyle without makeup as well, so booking trials together helps brides visualize everything a little bit easier,” she says.

How should a bride prep for her makeup trial?

“Spend time looking through photos to get a sense of what kind of looks you gravitate towards and away from,” says Brittany. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start. Her best advice? Use photos of yourself! “I recommend finding photos when you were in a wedding party or attended an event where you loved your hair and makeup and other photos where you hated it,” she explains. Why? ” This will help the stylists understand your vision and the direction you want to go in,”

What should a bride bring with her?

Besides inspirational images from Pinterest, Instagram, and personal photos, Brittany suggests wearing a white-colored top or one with a similar neckline to your dress to mimic how you’d look on your wedding day. “Don’t forget a photo of your dress and your makeup bag if there are any products you absolutely love using,” she says.

Any pro tips and tricks?

When asked for a pro tip, Brittany stresses how important it is to look and feel like yourself on your wedding day. “We find that brides put a lot of pressure on themselves to overdo their look because of how important the day is,” she explains. “At the end of the day, you want your partner to recognize you as you walk down the aisle so stay true to yourself,” For example, if you always wear your hair down but the cut of your dress is more suited for an updo, don’t feel obligated to change how you always wear your hair. “Wear your hair and makeup the way you look best because you only get one special day—so do what makes you feel most beautiful” she exclaims.
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