Kleinfeld’s Best-Kept Secret

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You may call yourself a Kleinfeld expert from watching the show for years, but do you know one of Kleinfeld’s best-kept secrets? The secret is out and it’s that our brides love shopping for their wedding dress during the week! Brides that come into the salon on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday love their experiences so much—they often tell their friends to do the same. Why? Here are a few popular reasons below!


The store is quieter and more intimate.

Many brides and their guests make an entire weekend in New York City around shopping at Kleinfeld. Which is why our entire Kleinfeld staff works during the weekends! However, during the week consultants have staggered days off, meaning we have fewer appointments during the week. What does this mean? This means that the salon on the weekdays has fewer brides and fewer guests, meaning it can sometimes be a bit quieter and more intimate. But don’t worry, the Kleinfeld experience and the excitement in-store is always on full-high no matter what day of the week it is!

There’s more room to spread out.

Typically, while one bride is changing into a dress, another will hop onto a shared pedestal in front of a mirror to see how the style looks and feels on her, taking turns sharing pedestals and mirrors throughout their appointment. During the week, your chance of getting your own private pedestal and mirror is much higher, and you and your three guests will have more room to spread out should you want to take a spot in our main salon.

You’ll have a chance to meet SYTTD cast members.

The consultants, sales managers, and owners Ronnie and Mara don’t just work on the days that the show is being filmed—each and every cast member (and hundreds of other staff members not featured on the show) work full-time at Kleinfeld! There’s a high chance you’ll get to meet one of your favorite people from Say Yes to the Dress during your weekday appointment.

There are special weekday-only trunk shows.

Here at Kleinfeld, we have weekly designer events or trunk shows. What’s a trunk show? It’s when a designer brings their newest collection of wedding dresses or accessories to Kleinfeld for a limited time. While many of our trunk shows happen on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, we also have special trunk shows during the week for select designers. The best part about a trunk show? You’ll be able to speak with a designer representative, discuss customizations, and receive a special trunk show promotion.

SYTTD films on weekdays.

If you’re wanting to shop on a day that Say Yes to the Dress is filming, you’ll want to shop during the week! Filming does not take place on the weekends at Kleinfeld.

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