Thomas Knoell

Accessories Designer

New York
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Price Range: Accessories starting at $200

When Tom and Raquel met, Thomas was a Heating and Air Conditioning mechanic but an artist at heart. Raquel had been studying at the Jewelry Arts Institute in Manhattan while working on Wall Street. Raquel suggested that Tom take a class with her since he was creative and already knew how to solder. Almost instantly, he began making beautiful jewelry. For their wedding in 1999, they combined vintage buttons, crystals and metals to design Raquel’s headpiece. Once the word got out, they began making headpieces for friends here and there. Later that year, they met with a high end store in NY carrying about a dozen handmade headpieces in a Hush Puppy shoe box and the store bought them all. That’s when they knew they had a business!

*Please call or email to confirm availability of a specific style for your appointment.

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