Justine M. Couture

Accessories Designer

United States
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Price Range: Accessories starting at $300

The Justine M. Couture Collection is crafted from the absolute finest elements available in the world: Sterling Silver, precious gold fill, luxurious fabrics, delicate illusion tulle, raw silks, authentic Swarovski crystals and unique vintage elements culled from many shores and the finest components all brought together to be designed and fashioned by hand in America to create our sought after Bridal Veil and Accessory lines available to discerning brides everywhere.

Only the finest Illusion tulles, satins and ribbons, quality metal combs, authentic hand loomed Lace imported from France and genuine Swarovski beadwork are engaged for our heirloom veils. Embroidery is meticulously hand crafted by trained artisans and hand finished at our studio in San Diego. Our jewelry and accessories are constructed using the finest materials with metals including Sterling silver, Gold fill, vintage filigrees, the finest silks, organzas, satins and materials and genuine Swarovski Crystallized Elements.

*Please call or email to confirm availability of a specific style for your appointment.

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