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Price Range: $2,000-$4,000

Born in 1984 in Beirut, Lebanon Dany is a self-taught fashion designer. When he was seventeen years old, he had an interest in becoming a stage director. During his director studies he discovered he was drawn to the wardrobe department and began sketching women’s clothing. The Hollywood actresses appearing on the red carpet during the Academy awards in the charming classics inspired him the most. When he experienced the reaction of people to his sketches, he realized that he was destined to pursue this gift. His start was in Miss World Pageants and Red Carpet, which led him to runways with evening and ready-to-wear all over the globe until 2017. He was asked to design his first bridal collection Intemporal in 2017 and has been turning out two bridal collections each year ever since. Dany’s style is elegant classic with a dash of glam wrapped up in a superb fit. He is very sensitive to his surroundings, taking in the textures, the colors, even the sounds & smells. He has been inspired by music from Broadway, the deserts of Dubai, the grand architecture in Lebanon, the streets of France and continues to bring his ambience into designing. Intricate hand beading, custom embroidery and distinctive accessories are mainstays to his collections. Creating and customizing one-of-a-kind pieces comes naturally to Dany. He likes to stay modern with his looks so the bride can be on trend. He loves coming up with fresh takes on the classic looks that he is so fond of.

If you had to sum up Dany Tabet with three words, it would be: Passionate. Genuine. Exceptional.

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