Why Your MOH Should Come With You to Your Second and Final Fittings

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The time has finally come to alter your wedding dress at Kleinfeld—yay! You’ll come in for your first fitting, see your wedding dress for the first time since you said “yes”, and work with your fitter as they start pinning and fitting your dress to your specifications. At the end of your first fitting, your fitter will work with you to book a second fitting date, and suggest that you bring along your maid of honor, a trusted friend, your mom or a bridesmaid with you to each fitting thereafter. Why? We got the scoop, below.

She’ll be your designated bustle expert.

At your second fitting, your fitter will discuss bustle options for your wedding dress. A bustle is what lifts your train off of the ground so that you can dance comfortably. You’ll work to choose from three bustle styles—and your maid of honor will need to learn how to do the bustle for you on your wedding day. Once you’ve chosen a bustle and it’s sewn into your dress, your fitter can show your MOH how to do it for you. We’ve also created a handy guide she can follow on your wedding day to make it even easier, below.


She’ll provide moral support.

Not only will she be there to support you, but she’ll also be your second opinion on any changes you might make. Perhaps you need help deciding between bustles, adding some extra appliqués or choosing either stud or drop earrings. She’ll be there for you every step of the way.

She can ask all the important questions.

You might not think to ask about how to use the bathroom in your wedding dress (hint: you’ll need someone’s help). Your MOH can ask important questions like this one. Plus, she’ll likely be the one assisting you into and out of the car on your way to your ceremony and/or reception, and will need to know how to help you sit comfortably while minimizing wrinkling.

She’ll be your dressing expert.

At your final fitting, have her watch your fitter get you into your wedding dress—including any zippers, corsets, buttons, or snaps. She’ll need to become your dressing expert, so there’s no worry about busting a zipper or your corset not fitting like it did when you had your dress altered (hint: it’s all about the technique—your dress didn’t get smaller, we promise). Plus, she can also review the jewelry, headpiece, and/or veil you purchased and assist with putting these on for you as well.

She can review your dress with you at pickup.

When you arrive to pick up your dress after your final fitting, it’ll be hung on a cardboard bust form, stuffed with tissue paper, pressed, and covered in a white cloth bag. Your fitter will show you your dress one final time before you take it with you. Your MOH or whomever you designate should also review the dress as well with the second set of eyes. She’ll likely see things you might not—making sure your dress is perfect for your wedding day.


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