All the Bouquet Inspiration You Need

Whether you’ve said “yes!” to the wedding dress of your dreams or you’ve just started planning, every bride wants to complete her bridal look with a beautiful bouquet. Not sure what style you’re looking for, or maybe you have a look in mind but no idea what the flowers are called? You’ve come to the right place! We spoke to the florists who helped bring our #KleinfeldEditorial photo shoots to life to bring you all the inspiration you need—plus, they broke down each bouquet, flower by flower, so you can recreate the look for your own special day. Read on, below.

Wispy Wildflowers

Credits: Photo: @JoseVilla | Floral: @TulipinaDesign

Take advantage of the foliage around your venue for a wild feel, like florist Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design did. “The color of this bouquet was inspired by the colors of the Hacienda San Antonio,” she said, of our editorial photo shoot location.  Using locally foraged wild astilbe and greenery along with rose, ranunculus and anemone, this bouquet feels both refined and natural at the same time.

Romantic Roses

Credits: Photo:@CorbinGurkin | Floral: @FlowerHouseMexico

Nothing feels quite as romantic as a bouquet full of big, beautiful roses. Max Gill of Flower House Mexico felt the same way—so he used Amnesia roses, Majolica spray roses, wild berries, lisianthus Rosanne, white astilbe, white fuchsia and local foliage to achieve this dreamy and whimsical arrangement.

Tropical Touches

Credits:  Photo—@JacquiCole | Floral—@VanessaJaimesFloralDesign

Florist Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design used anthuriums, ornithogalum, succulents, ferns, silver dollar eucalyptus and tropical greenery to create this lush bouquet perfect for a beach wedding, or in this case, an editorial photo shoot in Tulum, Mexico. “I believe that some colors and tropical touches for a Tulum destination wedding is always a good idea,” says Vanessa—especially if your dress is a bit more simplified or classic.

Vibrant and Unique

Credits: Photo:@CorbinGurkin | Floral: @FlowerHouseMexico

Is this bouquet taking your breath away? #Same. If you’re looking for something as unique and vibrant as you, ask your florist to create an arrangement similar to Liz Griffith’s of Siloh Floral Design for Flower House Mexico, above. Make sure to include butterfly ranunculus, tulips, lisianthus Rosanne, pumpkin flower, tuberose, wild baby’s breath, tropical berries, white tulips and local foliage.

Short, Sweet and Colorful

Credits:  Photo—@JacquiCole | Floral—@VanessaJaimesFloralDesign

Love these bright, compact arrangements? Ask your florist for ranunculus, anthuriums, leuco, gingers and roses, as created by florist Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design. When asked to create bouquets for a tropical wedding destination photo shoot (see more here), Vanessa says she tried to “design a couple of bouquets with a more classic look, so people can see that even here in a tropical setting, you can always use elegant and classic flowers as well,” Looking for a mix of both beachy and traditional? Stick with classic flowers like roses and ranunculus, but in fun, vibrant colors.

English Garden

Credits: Photo: @AllanZepedaPhoto | Floral: @RhiannonBosse

Believe it or not, there isn’t one piece of foliage in this bouquet—that’s right, it’s arranged purely of flowers. Florist Rhiannon Bosse’s vision was to make this bouquet feel “dainty and sweet but still visually interesting with various textures from floral varieties only,” She achieved this by using blushing bride protea, pink snowberry, white campanula, double pink lilies,  quicksand and cappuccino roses—how stunning?!  “The soft feminine tones in this particular bouquet pair together well with the dusty rose silk ribbon streamers and lace detailing of her gown,” says Rhiannon—a great option if you’re wearing a lace wedding dress!

Pops of Pinks and Purples

Credits: Photo: @JoseVilla | Floral: @TulipinaDesign

“This gown has such a clean and modern style, so I thought it would be lovely to create something abundant with pops of color,” said florist Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design. Can’t get enough of this gorgeous bouquet? Copy this look with pink and purple roses, ranunculus, dianthus and foraged foliage native to your area.

Dried and True

Credits:  Photo—@JacquiCole | Floral—@VanessaJaimesFloralDesign

We love the idea of mixing dried and fresh foliage together to create a beautiful bouquet—and that’s what florist Vanessa Jaimes Floral Design accomplished here. Using scabiosa, cotton, silver dollar eucalyptus and different dried elements, she achieved a super whimsical and natural feel—calling all boho brides!

Peachy Hues

Credits: Photo: @JoseVilla | Floral: @TulipinaDesign

Florist Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design used the bride’s dramatic and fun earrings as the inspiration for this peachy arrangement. Have a family heirloom or special element you plan to wear on your wedding day? Show this to your florist to see how they may be able to play off of it! In this case, Kiana was inspired by the warm, peach and yellow colored flower earrings and used daffodils, ranunculus, amaranth, rose, bougainvillea, berries and foliage that was foraged from the street nearby to achieve the look.

Muted Tones

Credits: Photo:@CorbinGurkin | Floral: @FlowerHouseMexico

Drawing inspiration from the pale pinks in this Michelle Roth style, Nicollete Camille of Flower House Mexico created this stunning bouquet complete with muted pink and green tones and touches of red. Capture the essence of this airy arrangement with red ranunculus, begonias, local wild kalanchoe, lisianthus Rosanne, wild allium, tuberose, White O’Hara roses, and foliage local to you.


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