2019 LOVE by Pnina Tornai Collection

Leading bridal designer, Pnina Tornai, has launched her 2019 LOVE collection at Kleinfeld Bridal. Feeling empowered by society, Ms. Tornai created 25 styles in varying silhouettes, designed for independent women everywhere. The collection is available in sizes 10 thru 22 and features structured silhouettes with soft fabrics and whimsical embellishments and is designed with different laces, embroideries, crepe sateen, tulles, organzas! The entire collection is priced between $2400 and $5000 and is now available at Kleinfeld. Check out the beautiful gowns below!

Style 14697

Pnina Tornai—14697 B CROPPED

Style: 14696

Pnina Tornai-14696 A CROPPED

Style: 14695

Pnina Tornai-14695 FRONT CROPPED

Style:  14694 

Pnina Tornai-14694 C CROPPED

Style: 14693

Pnina Tornai-14693 C CROPPED

Style: 14692

Pnina Tornai-14692 A CROPPED

Style: 14691

Pnina Tornai-14691 A CROPPED

Style: 14690

Pnina Tornai-14690 A CROPPED

Style: 14689

Pnina Tornai-14689 A CROPPED

Style: 14688

Pnina Tornai-14688 A CROPPED

Style: 14687

Pnina Tornai-14687 B CROPPED

Style: 14686

Pnina Tornai-14686 B CROPPED

Style: 14685

Pnina Tornai-14685 B CROPPED

Style: 14683 

Pnina Tornai-14683 C CROPPED

Style: 14682

Pnina Tornai-14682 B - CROPPED

Style: 14681

Pnina Tornai-14681 PLUSIZE A CROPPED

Style: 14680

Pnina Tornai-14680 A CROPPED

Style: 14679

Pnina Tornai-14679 A CROPPED

Style: 14678 

Pnina Tornai-14678 A CROPPED

Style: 14677 

Pnina Tornai-14677 A CROPPED

Style: 14676 

Pnina Tornai-14676 A cropped

Style: 14675 

Pnina Tornai-14675 A CROPPED

Style: 14673


Style: 14672 

Pnina Tornai-14672 FRONT+CAPE CROPPED

Style: 14670 

Pnina Tornai-14670 FRONT CROPPED

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