What is Trending at Kleinfeld?

All that Glitters

For the bride looking for the glitz and glam, there are many ways you can sparkle on your wedding day. Here’s some new dresses that will make you shine.

Lace Necklines

Love the look of a high neck with a little more coverage than nude illusion? Try a lace neckline for a romantic feel.

Point d’esprit

Point d’esprit, AKA square dots woven in an irregular pattern, is a unique way which make brides stand out—you don’t see dotted fabric very often!


Bows add a girly touch. From sparkles to satin, there are countless ways to add a bow to one’s wedding dress.

Kleinfeld Bridal Party: Fall Foliage

Fall foliage is coming! From shades of orange to red, there are many different dresses to match the season.  Here are some options:

Shop online at Kleinfeld Bridal Party: look #1, look #2, look #3 and here .

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