Morgan—Bridal Consultant

Boone, Iowa

"I love what I do! I get to play dress up for a living and I get to be a small part of so many brides’ big days!"

Top Tips for Shopping at Kleinfeld

-Do some research before coming to the store—with so much inventory it’s best to have a bit of an idea beforehand. Even just one appointment at a small boutique can help; that way the first time jitters are out of the way and to have the knowledge of what dresses look like and feel like on is extremely helpful!
-Be selective of who is brought with to the appointment - it’s a very important decision and the people you being with are a crucial part of the process!

Best Advice For Brides

-Trust the process and have an open mind! It’s a process that is a little bit different for everyone—it’s completely normal to come in with one idea and leave with another.
-Have fun! This is a very exciting time and you should make as many memories as you can along the way.

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